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March 1993 - Qingdao Ainuo Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd was establishment, committed to R&D, production and sales of electronic equipment and instruments.
April 1993 - The first generation of AN87 series digital power meter was researched and developed.
September 1995 - The first domestic AN96 series programmable safety tester was released.
February 1996 - Shandong Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd was established, engaging in R & D of variable frequency power supply; the first AN97 series intelligent variable frequency power supply was released after one year.
June 1998 - The industry's first AN9651 safety integrated tester was released.
December 2000 - Ainuo began to draft a series of safety tester measuring procedures commissioned by the State Metrology Commission.
September 2001 - Pass 2000 ISO9001 Quality System certification.
September 2004 - Shandong Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd moved to the new plant in High-tech Zone in Jinan.
June 2005 - The Qingdao headquarters of Ainuo Instruments was completed and put into use.
September 2005 - AN17 series MF solid state frequency converter was released.
December 2005 - AN23 series DC Load was released.
May 2006 - AN50/52 series programmable DC power supply was released.
January 2007 - AN80 series power supply Automatic Test System (ATS) was released.
July 2007 - AN9651TH/52H precision safety integrated tester was released.
November 2007 - Pass military quality system certification and confidentiality certification.
March 2008 - Obtain Use Permit for Civilian Airport Equipment.
August 2008 - AN29 series AC Load was released.
December 2008 - AN83 series motor Automatic Test System (ATS) was released.
March 2009 - AN51 series DC test power supply was released.
June 2009 - AN86 series Safety Test System (STS) was released.
December 2009 - AN61 series AC test power was released.
2010 - Launched the third generation of dedicated aviation medium-frequency power supply, achieving high-power parallel operation, with volume and performance reaching leading domestic level.
2011 - Launched 510 series high power density DC test power, applied to photovoltaic test industries.