AC Power Supply
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3Ф 15kVA-240kVA AC Power Supply ANFC(F) Series

New Generation AC Power Supply ANFC(F) Serie, AC Power Source, 0-300V/45-65Hz,120Hz,200Hz,240Hz,capacity 15KVA-240KVA,Larger capacity can be modified.

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  Applications: home appliances, motors, power tools, switching power supplies, power adapters, UPS, information and communications, photovoltaics, lamps, electronic transformers, electronic components, low-voltage power distribution, aerospace, defense and military industries.

  Main features

  * Adopt FPGA digital technology,realize precision control and high quality sine wave output;

  * Three-phase loading separately,start single phase output by U/V/W fast settings;

  * Operating in over current shock(up to 3 time of rated current) within 2s,start the impact load of 1/3 capacity of power supply directly;

  * Adjustable voltage and frequency during output status;

  * Measurement:voltage,current,frequency,active power;

  * Online monitoring:monitor IGBT temperature,transformer temperature,fan speed,input voltage and other parameters during output status;

  * Operating data recorders;keep the record of power supply status and alarm code automatically during alarming;

  * Voltage rangge:1.0-150.0v or 150.1-300.0v automatic adjustment,or locked at 1.0-300.0v;

  * Shortcuts groups,power-off memory,shortcuts key and knobs operation;

  * Fan speed will be adjustable automatically with the temoerature of power supply to reduce the noise,;

  * Lock key,user-friendly design,automatically locking without operation for 5 minutes to prevent from operation mistakes,;

  * Standard RS232,optional RS485,GPIB,Ethernet,analog control and other remote communication/control;

  Order and Extensions

  * ANFC three-phase AC power supply:1.0-300.0V/45.0-65HZ,100HZ,120HZ,200HZ,240HZ,optional 15KVA,30KVA,45KVA,60KVA,90KVA,120KVA,180KVA,240KVA,Larger capacity can be modified;

  * Communication interfaces:Standard RS-232,optional RS485,GPIB,Ethernet,analog control and other remote communication/control.

  Larger capacity can be modified;

  * Communication interfaces:standard RS-232,optional RS485,GPIB,Ethernet(Remarks:only can select one of RS-232,RS-485,GPIB,Ethernet);

  * Remote control interface:optional analog control interface;

  * PC control software;


Model/Specification ANFC015 T(F) ANFC030 T(F) ANFC045T(F) ANFC060T(F) ANFC090T(F) ANFC120 T(F) ANFC180 T(F)
Input 3-phase 4-wires,AC: 380V±57V,50/60Hz±3Hz
Output Capacity 15kVA 30kVA 45kVA 60 kVA 90 kVA 120 kVA 180kVA
Output Frequency 45.0~65.0Hz、100Hz、120Hz、200Hz、240Hz
Frequency Stability ≤0.02%
Output Voltage 3-phase 4-wires,1.0~300.0V
Output Current 110V 45.4A 90.9A 136.3A 181.8A 272.7A 363.6A 545.4A
220V 22.7A 45.4A 68.2A 90.9A 136.3A 181.8A 272.7A
Accuracy Voltage Resolution:0.1V
Accuracy:0.2%×reading+0.2%×F.S. (45Hz—65Hz)
Current Resolution:0.1A(<1000A)/1A(≥1000A)
Accuracy:0.3%×reading+0.3%×rated output
Frequency Resolution:0.1Hz Accuracy:0.05%
Power Resolution: 0.1kW / 0.01kW / 0.001kW
Accuracy: 0.45%×reading+0.45%×F.S. (45Hz—65Hz)
Line Regulation ≤1%
Load Regulation ≤1%
Voltage Distortion Linear load: THD<1%
Transient time 20ms
Phase retardation 120°+2°
Phase unbalance factor ≤1%
Crest factor 1.41±0.1
Modulating voltage range ≤3V
Over Power 105%≤Output<110% the output will be stopped within 15 Sec.
110%≤Output<210% the output will be stopped within 5 Sec.
210%≤Output<310% the output will be stopped within 2 Sec.
310%≤Output<410% the output will be stopped within 1 Sec.
410%≤Output the output will be stopped immediately
Protection Mode IGBT overheat、IGBT Over Current、Transformer overheat、Input Lack Voltage、Input Over Voltage、Output Lack Voltage、Output Over Voltage、Lack Output Phase Output Over Current、Output Over load、Output short Cirluit
Voltage Drop Compensation 0.000~0.500Ω
Softstart Time 0.0~99.9S
Efficiency >86%
Shortcut Group 7 groups
Online Voltage Adjustment The output voltage and frequency(45-65Hz) can be adjusted online under running status.
Remote Control
Remote Control:Analog Control(Options)
Environment Temperature:0~40℃ Humidity:20~90%RH
Dimension W×H×D(mm) 600*1130*1018 700*1330*1218 800*1730*1418
Weight(kg) 260 300 430 480 540 1240 1390


Model AN97 Series AN61 Series AN77 Series
Variable Frequency AC Power Supply/ Source
300V/45-65Hz,100Hz,120Hz,200Hz,240Hz,400Hz, capacity 500VA-10KVA;
Output voltage can be up to 400V,600V,need to modify; 
Programmable AC Power Supply/ Source
0-300V/15-1000Hz, capacity 500VA-6KVA;
Single phase/Three phase;
AC Constant Current Power Supply/Source
10-3000A/45-65Hz, 15V/30V output voltage, more capacity can be customized;
Three phase constant current power source/supply can be customized. 7.5V, 150V, 300V can be customized.

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