DC Power Supply
ASA Housing LED Flood light 50W
0-60V DC power supply AN50 (V3) series

Single-phase/0~60V/Serial/parallel output

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High frequency PWM and full-bridge conversion technology, high efficiency.

Strong current/power overload capacity, up to 110%.

Excellent output stability.

Lead drop compensation terminal for output lead at large current.

Complete protection for normal operation of power supply unit and load security.

LED segment display or color LCD. Brief, convenient for operation.

Serial/parallel output, convenient expansion.

Powerful programmable features to meet various testing needs.

Model AN5035-30 AN5035-50 AN5035-100 AN5060-25 AN5060-50
Input Number of phases Single-phase
Voltage 220V±22V
Frequency 47-63HZ
Output Voltage 0~35V 0~60V
Current 0~30A 0~50A 0~100A 0~25A 0~50A
Power 0~1000W 0~1500W 0~3000W 0~1500W 0~3000W
Display        4-bit LED segment display
Voltage resolution 0.01V
Current resolution 0.01A
Setting error (programming precision)1 Voltage ≤0.4%Umax
Current ≤0.8%Imax
Measurement error (Reading precision) Voltage ≤0.4%Umax
Current ≤0.8%Imax
Ripple and noise (20Hz~20MHz) Vrms 30mV 60mV
Vpp 200mV 300mV
Load effect Voltage ≤0.1%Umax
Current ≤0.2%Imax
Source effect Voltage ≤0.05%Umax
Current ≤0.1%Imax
Transient response time 2 ≤5ms
Rise time 100% 50ms (10%-90%)
Temp. drift Voltage  0.05% x setting
Current 0.05% x setting
Noise ≤65dB (A)
OVP range 110%F.S
Maximum lead drop compensation 2V
Communication RS-232(standard)/485(optional)
Protection Short circuit, reverse, output overvoltage, current limitation, internal thermal protection, S terminal compensation
Analog interface (optional) Start, stop, alarm, 0-5V or 0-10V analog control output
Efficiency ≥85%
Operating Temp. 0~40℃
Storage Temp. -20~70℃
Humidity <80%, no condensation
Volume 210*133*325 (W*H*D) 440 * 133 * 350 (W * H * D), standard cabinet, 3U height
Weight 5.5kg 9kg 12kg 9kg 12kg
Remarks 1.                                     Testing condition for programming/read precision: 25℃±5℃;
2.                                     Time required for the load to change from 100% to 50% or in reverse, and the output voltage restores to "rating ± 100mV".
3.                                     AN60-25/50 can be customized to 0 ~ 80V voltage with the same power at the factory.

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