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0-1000V Solar Cell Analog Power

Voltage output: 0-300V & 600V & 1000V/ DC Testing Power Supply

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  The AN510S series solar cell analogue power supply is an attractive, compact, high performance, powerful and easy-to-operate DC programmable power supply with I-V simulation curve, fast response, controllable, repeatable, stable and accurate, with built-in SAS model for setting of Voc, Isc, Vmp and Imp parameters to generate and output I-V curve. Moreover, solar cell parameters or a set of 1024 points of V&I data can be edited via the PC software and then downloaded to the power supply, high-power, small size, fast transient response, low ripple, high precision, good performance, with indicators reaching the international advanced level.


  1.Voltage output: 0-300V & 600V & 1000V.

  2.3U15kw high power density, high power parallel operation and up to 1MW.

  3.Solar cell I-V curve simulation

  4.Simulate a variety of solar cell output characteristics (Fill Factor)

  5.I-V curve can be simulated under different temperature and illumination conditions.

  6.Test the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) ability and efficiency.

  7.Accurate voltage and current measurement.

  8.Serial output can be set to test the PV inverter operating voltage range.

  9.Standard RS232 port.

  10.Standard graphical PC operating software. Single operation available.

  11.High-brightness dot matrix VFD display.

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  Allow high-power power custom. Please consult the manufacturer.

  Specification of AN510S series

Model AN51005-300S  AN51010-300S  AN51015-300S  AN51005-600S  AN51010-600S  AN51015-600S  AN51005-1000S AN51010-1000S AN51015-1000S
Input Three-phase three-wire 380V ± 38V, 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Output Voltage 0V-300V 0V-600V 0V-1000V
Current 0-16A 0-33A 0-50A 0-8A 0-17A 0-25A 0-5A 0-10A 0-15A
Power 0-5kw 0-10kw  0-15kw 0-5kw 0-10kw 0-15kw 0-5kw 0-10kw 0-15kw
Display VFD display, Chinese/English menu, 5-digit voltage/current display
Setting error (programming precision) Voltage ≤ ± 0.15F.S%, resolution of 0.1V
Current ± 0.4F.S%, resolution of 0.1A
Measurement error (Reading precision) Voltage ≤ ± 0.15F.S%, resolution of 0.1V
Current ± 0.4F.S% resolution of 0.1A
Ripple and noise 20Hz~20MHz Vrms 50mV 60mv 1950mV
Vpp 300mV 350mv 2550mV
Source effect Voltage: ± 0.01% F.S  Current: ± 0.05% F.S  (380VAC ± 10% x input, same load)
Load effect Voltage: ± 0.02% F.S   Current: ± 0.1% F.S  (380VAC ± 10% x input, same load)
Noise ≤65db(A)
Efficiency ≥ 0.87 (380VAC input, full load)
Protection Input phase failure, output overvoltage, overheat, short circuit
Transient response time 1ms
Lead voltage drop compensation 5% (40-100V),2% (>100V)
Communication port RS232
Memory 10 groups of memory storage, power-off memory
Temp. drift Voltage: 0.02% Vmax/℃ Current: 0.03% Vmax/℃
Time drift ± 0.05% of the setting (after 8 hours of aging, constant load conditions, constant ambient temperature, to Sense)
Work environment Indoor; Operating Temp.: 0 -50℃, humidity: 10-95%, non-condensing, Storage Temp.: -25 -65℃
Volume W × H × D (mm) 429mm × 132mm × 610mm (W × H × D)   Standard chassis, 3U height
Weight 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg
Remarks 1. Testing condition for programming/read precision: 25℃±5℃;
2. Time required for the load to change from 100% to 50% or in reverse, and the output voltage restores to the value with error of ± 0.75% of the steady-state output;
3. Temp. drift: The change rate of the output voltage caused by the change of ambient temperature within the operating temperature range.

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