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Programmable DC Power Supply AN510 Series(F)

Programmable DC Power Supply --AN510 Series(F)

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Ainuo Power Electronics Test Solutions not only apply in the industries of Information Technology, Communication, Aerospace and National Defense, but also in energy efficient products such as Hybrid Automobiles, LED luminance devices, solar and fuel cells that are developed aggressively under the pressure of natural resource constraints.

Ainuo has a wide variety of instrumentation including AC Power Sources, DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads, AC Electronic Loads, Digital Power Meters, and Automatic Test Systems that are ideal for power input/output terminal tests and dynamic simulation.

DC power is usually used:

Automotive and Industrial Electrocoating

Plasma Arc

Polysilicon Processing

Anodizing, Plating and Cleaning

DC-DC converter

Photovoltaic inverter



And electroplating / electrolytic test applications


This AN51XXX series programmable DC power supply is deigned in various models with the voltage up to 1000V,power up to 1MW,adopting high-frequency switching and advanced control technology,featuring super high power density,full series standard cabinet,low ripple,high accuracy and fast dynamic response speed,An attractive appearance,small size,high performance,multi-function,simple operation with international advanced level of DC power supply,widely used in power electronics,DC motor testing,automatic integration test system,medical equipment,industries,batteries charging and simulation,hybird cars and solar inverter testing,laboratories and institutes etc.

Main features
* High-power density,3U standard chassis,power capacity up to 15KW
* Wide voltage output range 0-1000V,singel unit power capacity range 5KW-15KW
* 10 units combination up to 1MW
* Fast transient response function
* High accuracy,adopts 16 bits AD,low ripple wave
* VFD display,flexible interface,Chinese/English operation
* Flexible and supper List test function,20 steps/list,50 lists in total
* Complete protection,reliable safety preformance
* Analog control interface,able to control output independently through external analog interface of power supply
* Provide solar array I-V curve,simulate solar battery output character and different I-V curve under different temperature

Order information and extended functions
* AN51005-300(F):300V/16A/5KW
* AN51010-300(F):300V/33A/10KW
* AN51015-300(F):300V/50A/15KW
* AN51005-600(F):600V/8A/5KW
* AN51010-600(F):600V/17A/10KW
* AN51015-600(F):600V/25A/15KW
* AN51005-1000(F):1000V/5A/5KW
* AN51010-1000(F):1000V/10A/10KW
* AN51015-1000(F):1000V/15A/15KW


Mode No. AN51005-300 AN51010-300 AN51015-300 AN51005-600 AN51010-600 AN51015-600 AN51005-1000 AN51010-1000 AN51015-1000
Input three phase three wires, 380V±38V,47Hz~63Hz
Output Voltage 0~300V 0~600V 0~1000V
Current 0~16A 0~33A 0~50A 0~8A 0~17A 0~25A 0~5A 0~10A 0~15A
Power 0~5KW 0~10KW 0~15KW 0~5KW 0~10KW 0~15KW 0~5KW 0~10KW 0~15KW
Display VFD,display in both English and Chinese, 5 digits
Setting Accuracy Voltage ≤±0.15% F.S,resolution is 0.01V
Current ≤±0.4% F.S, resolution is 0.1A
Measurement Accuracy Voltage ≤±0.15% F.S,resolution is 0.01V
Current ≤±0.4% F.S,resolution is 0.1A
Vrms 50mV 60mV 1950mV
Vpp 300mV 350mV 2550mV
Power Voltage Effect voltage: ±0.01% F.S; current:±0.05% F.S(380VAC +/-10%input,load invariant)
Load Effect voltage: ±0.02% F.S; current:±0.1% F.S(380VAC +/-10%input,load invariant)
Noise ≤65dB
Effciency ≥ 0.87 (380VAC input, full load)
Remote Analog Accuracy Voltage:±0.25%F.S(0-5V),0.5% F.S(0-10V)
Current:±0.8% F.SOVP:±1% F.S
Voltage:±0.4%F.S(0-5V),0.8% F.S(0-10V)
Current:±1% F.S;OVP:±1% F.S
Protection Lack phase protection, output OV protect, over heat protect, short circuit protect
Transient Response Time 1ms
Max. Lead Wire Voltage Drop Compensation 5% (40V-100V);2%(>100V)
Communication RS232
Memory Function Can preset 10 groups parameters
Temperature Drifts Voltage:0.02%Vmax/℃; Current:0.03%Vmax/℃
Time Drifts ±0.05% * setting
Working Environment Operating Temperature:0℃50℃
Operating Humidity:10-95%,No condensation, storage temperature:-25~65℃
Dimension 429*132*610(W*H*D), standard 3U case
Weight 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg
Remark 1.Programmable and reading accuracy condition:(25℃±5℃)
2.Load change from 100% to 5%or 50% to 100%, output voltage returning to ±0.75% of "rated value"
3.Temperautre drifts:output voltage chagne rate is caused by temperature chagne under power supply using condition

Tested product:


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