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  AN528XX series 28V DC Aviation Ground Power Supply is mainly used for ground support,maintenance and start of civil aircraft,general aviation aircraft,military aircraft,thanks,armored vehicles and others.Adopt LCD display,exquisite appearance. Basic on FPGA/DSP HF digital inverter control technology,high quality wave,fast dynamic response speed,perfect overload capacity,low power grid pollution.Structurization design,high reliability,high mobility,wide(-40--+60℃)operating temperature.Protection class is up to IP55,completely suitable for outdoor application.This series Aviation Grounding Power Supply already reaches the advanced level in the world.

  Main features

  Adopts digital control,base on HF inverter with PWM control,high static/dynamic performance,high efficiency;

  Integrated stand and trailer design,modularized assembly,high reliability;

  Overload capacity up to 2400A lating for 2S;

  Auto voltage drop compensation,ensure output voltage accuracy;

  Fixes the operating data recorder,easy maintenance;

  LCD display,simple interface,easy operation;

  Working temperature:-40--60℃,Protection glass:IP55.

  Applicable Standards

  GJB 150-86 Environmental test methods for military equipments

  GJB 151A-97 Electomagnetic emission and susceptibility requirements for military equipment and subsystems

  GJB 152A-97 Measurement of electromagnetic emission and susceptibility for military equipment and subsystems

  GJB 181A-2003 Aircraft electric power characteristics

  GJB 572A-2006 Electrical power characteristics and general requirements for external electrical power source of aircraft

  GJB 5189-2003 Measurements of parameters in aircraft power

  MH/T 6018-2014 Ground solid-state power supply.


Model AN52806(F) AN52808(F)
Input Phase three phase three wires +PE
Voltage 380V/400V±15%
Frequency 45-65HZ
Surge Current None,with soft start function
Output Power 18KW 22KW
Rated Current 600A 800A
Current Meas.Accuracy ≤0.5%
Rated Voltage 28V
Output Voltage Range 20V-32V
Voltage Setting accuracy <0.5%
Vms 100mV 150mV
Vpp 1000mV 1100mV
Over Load 1200A continuously 30S;
1500A continuously 10S;
2000A continuously 2S
1200A continuously 30S;
1800A continuously 15S;
2400A continuously 2S
Power effect 0.20%
Load effect 0.5%
Total efficiency 0.85 0.93
Stand-by consumption <50W(fan stopped)
Protection Input over/under voltage,input phase sequence,
Lack phase,Key unit overheat protection;
Output over/under voltage(MH/T6018 standard),
Over load,short circuit protection
Operating environment Temperature -40℃-+60℃
Humidity 10%-95%
Noise <65dB(A)(1m),usually 60dB(A)
IP Grade IP55(outdoor)
Service life Service life ≥25 years
(MTBF) Mean Time
Between failure
≥25000 hours
(MTTR)Mean Time to
≤20 minutes
Dimension&Weight Fixed Dimension W×H×D 760×1010×585 540×1215×625
Fixed Weight(Kg) 200 200
Trailer Dimension W×H×D 1317×1010×760 1985×1385×1090
Trailer Weight(Kg) 230 350
Optional Accessores Connectors ground supplies(domestic,imported),
Cable(domestic,imported),Aero Plug
Remarks Technical specification testing temperature:25℃±5℃

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