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Digital Power meter AN8721P (F)/AN8711P(F)

Digital Power meter AN8721P (F)/AN8711P(F)

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Model:AN8721P (F)/AN8711P(F)

Measurement parameters:I,Q,λ,f,Time,Pint

Voltage rated range:60.00V / 300.0V / 600.0V

Current rated range:400.0mA / 4.000A / 20.00A

Active power measurement accuracy:0.01W

Frequency measurement range:45Hz≤f≤66Hz

Interface:RS232(Option RS485, GPIB)、RS232(Option RS485, GPIB)

Tested product:

*(Precision condition)

Warm-up: more than 15min after starting
Temp.: 23±5℃; Humidity: 30%~75%RH; Power supply: AC 100V~240V, 45~65Hz
Temp. coefficient: 5~18℃ or 28~40℃, error plus ± (display ×0.06%)/℃
@ (Ammeter internal connection]
The voltmeter directly measures the supply voltage, connected with the measured product and the ammeter, with ammeter resistance divider measurement error.
# [Four-wire method]
For long-distance measurement (the measuring instrument is far away from the product under test, usually more than 10 meters), in order to eliminate the voltage drop on the test line, a four-wire connection method (two voltage lines, two current lines) with voltage lines directly connected with both ends of the product can be adopted.


Model AN8721PV3 AN8711JV3
Channel Single-phase
Measurement parameters Voltage U, current I, active power P, reactive power Q, apparent power S, power factor λ, phase angle Φ, voltage frequency f, electric energy Wh, electric energy time Time
Common ground short circuit between voltage/current terminals (not removable), only support Ammeter internal connection @
No short circuit, support four-wire method # long-distance measurement wiring
Input impedance Voltage: approx. 2MΩ
Current: approx. 4mΩ (20A), approx. 80mΩ (1A)
Full range peak factor 1.6
Rated voltage 600V
Rated current 1A/20A 20A
Voltage precision 6V~600V
Current precision 10mA~1A/20A 200mA~20A
* Voltage/current precision * ± (0.1%× display +0.1%×range)  (DC, 45Hz≤f≤1kHz) ± (0.1%× display +0.1%×range)  (45Hz≤f≤65Hz)
* Active power precision * ± (0.1%× display +0.1%×range)  (DC, 45Hz≤f≤1kHz) ± (0.1%× display +0.1%×range)  (45Hz≤f≤65Hz)
Active power range 22mW (PF=0.01)~4.4kW (PF=1)@220V (1A/20A)
4.4W (PF=0.01)~4.4kW (PF=1)@220V (20A)
Active power resolution 0.01W
Power factor precision ±(0.01~1) ±(0.1~1)
Power factor resolution 0.001
Frequency range DC,45Hz≤f≤4kHz 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Frequency precision ± (0.1%× display) (voltage amplitude should be greater than 10% of range)
Electric energy range 0~99999MWh
Electric energy precision ± (0.1%× display +0.1%×range)
Expansion error Voltage, current, power, frequency, electric energy ≤0.30%
Electric energy counting H: 999 Min.: 59 Sec.: 59
Electric energy counting accuracy ± (0.05%× display)
Voltage/ current variable ratio 0.1~1000.0
Data update cycle 0.25,0.5,1[s]
Alarm 5 groups, voltage, current, power  upper/lower limit, threshold
Control interface  RS-232 (Optional RS-485), Digital (Optional)
Dimension 213 (W, front molded case)×88 (H, front molded case)×386 (D, including terminal) mm
Opening 210(W)×85(H) mm
Foot height 15 mm
Machine weight Approx. 3kg
Whole power consumption Approx. 10VA

 India  Malaysia  Indonesia
 Brazil  Venezuela  Thailand
 Poland  Hungary  Czech Republic
 Bangladesh  Sri Lanka  Vietnam
 Turkey  Egypt  Pakistan
 Korea  Australia  New-Zealand
 Russia  Saudi Arabia  Dubai
 United States  Canada  Mexico
 Nicaragua  Haiti Columbia
 Ecuador  Peru  Uruguay
Argentina  Chile  Italy
Austria  Czech Rep  Belgium
Netherlands United Kingdom Ireland
France Spain Germany
Portugal Finland