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Digital Power meter AN8721P (F)/AN8711P(F)

Digital Power meter AN8721P (F)/AN8711P(F)

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AN8721P(F)/AN8711P(F) AC/DC power meter adopts ARM7 series controller as the core,using direct sampling and intellignet indentification technology,widely used for single-phase electrical equipments test,such as voltage,current,power,power factor,frequency,electric energy,time etc,Highlighted LED 3-window display ,simple and fast operation,serial communication,over limit alarm,voltage/current ratio setings and other functions,prcise and durable.

Beautiful appearance,compact dimensions,low weight;

Fast measurement speed,up to 200ms refresh rate;

Voltage/current ratio can be set to expand measuring range;

Sound & light alarm for voltage/current/power over limit,satisfy fast identification of defected products on production line;

Minimum current measurement range is low to 0.4mA,meet the test requirement of standby power consumption;

Wide AC/DC range,suitable for various load;

RS-232/RS-485 port to realize automatic testing and data transmission;

Optional I/O prot to realize remote control signal iput and alarm signal output

* Parameter sttings:voltage/current ratio,integral threshold current,electric energy accrmulating time,voltage upper/lower limti,current upper/lower limit,power upper/lower limits,alarm delay time,address,baud rate,buzzer On/Off,calculation mode and other parameters can be set,and preset parameters will be memored;

* Over limit alarm;sound & light alarm as certain parameter is out if the preset range,giving sound & light alarm signal automatically and output the digital signal(optional);

* Swithc of range:manual set to range,or power meter will automatically switch to a proper rangge under Auto range mode;

* Accumulating Time:electric energy accumulating time can be set;

* Engrgy accumulation:display the accumulated electric energy within the preset time;

* Ratio settings:voltage/current ratios can be set based on the actual measurement and the ratio of primary and secondary of external transformer,easy expansion;

* Serial communication:test results can be collected via RS-232 or RS-485(optional)on computer.

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