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Multiple Channel Power analyzer AN87500(F)

Multiple Channel Power analyzer AN87500(F)

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Main features

* Multiple channel:1-6 channel measuring element configuration,flexibly configured as multi-channel single-phase,3P3W*2, 3P4W*2,4-phase

(DC+3P3W) and other models for measuring of various loads(air conditioners,inverters,frequency converters,motors);

* High precision:high-speed DSP processors,high-speed high-precision 16-bit AD converter,basic accuracy up to 0.1%,up to 100ms displayupdate cycle;

* Wide power:A single-channel can measure current up to 50A(optional 20A,10A,5A,2A,1A and other specification,and supprot theircombination), minimum power resolution of 0.1mW,meet the requirements for standby power measurements and rated power measurement;

* Wide bandwidth:AC/DC signals,power measurement bandwidth DC,0.5HZ-100kHZ,suitable for measurement of various standard and non-standardsine load power;

* Multi harmonics:6-channel harmonics analysis simultaneously,measurement of up to 50th harmoics,distortion analysis, visual display ofindividual harmonic content and total contents;

* Multi frequency:6-channel frequency measurement simultaneously;

* line filter:500HZ,5.5kHZ low-pass filter,measure the fundamental value of PWM waveform,filter out high frequency interference;

* Sensor:scaling function,support conventional I-I/V-V type voltage/current transformer;,BNC interface I-V current sensor, maximum inputvoltage of 10v, optional large-current sensor;

* Efficiency calculation:simultaneously measuring of I/O energy consumption,and calculate the efficiency;

* Cumulative energy:forward,reverse and integrated electric energy can be accumulated separately for energy trading measurement;

* Threshold alarms:independently setting of 10 groups of voltage,currents,power,power factor and other thresholds for each

channel,automatically determining of upper/lower limits and alarm;

* Chinese/English interface:Chinese/English interface and time/date display.


PV inverter power measurement

Comply with CGC / CF 004-2011, CNCA / CTS 0004-2009A standard

Voltage range: 0~1000V

Current range: 0~50A/1200A

Input/output (single-phase, three-phase), power, power factor measurement

Automatic efficiency calculation

50 times harmonic/distortion analysis

Electric Vehicle Power Measurement

Multi-channel, multi-parameter measurement: charging station performance, battery charge and discharge performance, power conversion performance, motor performance

AC/DC current measurement range up to 50A, more scalable current sensor

High accuracy up to 0.1% , minimum power resolution is 0.1mW

AC and DC signal instantaneous RMS, AVG, Peak, and electric energy measurement

Inverter motor/inverter power measurement

Comply with GB12668 standard

Power bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz~10kHz

Current range: 0~50A/1000A

Input/output power measurement

50 times harmonic/distortion analysis

Appliance performance evaluation, standby power consumption measurement

Comply with IEC 6230-2011 standard

Cumulative or average power algorithm for standby power consumption

Current range: 0~10A/5

Lighting, LED power measurement

Current range: 0~10A

Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW

Drive power input/output power, power factor, efficiency measurement

50 times harmonic/distortion analysis

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