Safety Tester
ASA Housing LED Flood light 50W
4 in 1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer(AC/DC/IR/GB)

AN9638H(F)/AN9637H(F), AC Hipot test/DC Hipot test/Insulation Resistance test/Ground Bond test

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Main features

* Latest international standard:Comply with CCC,IEC,EN,VDE,BS,UL,JIS standard requirements,500VA WITHSTAND(AC 5KV/100mA),short-circuitoutput current exceeds 200mA,Ground resistance test current up to 64A,optional resistance or voltage mode.7 kinds of built-innetworking MD card for leakage contace current test,complying with multiple industrial standards.
★ Latest international standard: Comply with CCC, IEC, EN,VDE, BS, UL,JIS standard requirements. 500VA withstand (AC 5kV/100mA), short-circuit output current exceeds 200mA. Ground resistance test current up to 64A, optional resistance or voltage mode. 7 kinds of built-in networking MD card for leakage contact current test, complying with multiple industrial standards.
★ Intelligent test: 15 groups of test memories (group name editable), 8-step programming for each group. Product bar code reading and identification, automatically call the test group according to the model/specifications of the products tested. With U-disk to save test data timely.
★ Auto control: RS232/RS484/GPIB (four), bar code scanner interface, PLC interface, easily forming automation system.
★ Information management: optional electrical safety monitoring and control system software (ESRS), realizing test process and data management, high test efficiency, convenient for analysis and tracing.
★ Simplified operation: LCD display, shortcuts, Chinese/English.
Order information:
AN9638H, 500VA(5000V/100mA) AC/DC withstand voltage, ground test (64A).
AN9637H, 200VA(5000V/40mA) AC/DC withstand voltage, ground test (32A).

AC Hipot test

Rated output capacity AN9638H(F) 500VA(5000V/100mA),short circuit current >200mA
AN9637H(F) 200VA(5000V/40mA),short circuit current >200mA
Output voltage setting Range,Accuracy 100~5000V,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Output frequency setting Range,Accuracy 50Hz or 60Hz,±0.1%×setting
Alarm current limits setting Upper-limit range,Accuracy 0.10~100.00mA(or 40.00mA),±(2%×setting+5counts)
Lower-limit range,Accuracy 0.000~9.999mA,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Time setting Range 0.5~999.9s(0 is infinite)
Ramp up/down time range 0.1~999.9s
Accuracy ±(0.2%×setting+1count)
Measurement Voltage range,Accuracy 0.01~5.00kV,±(1.5%×reading+1count)
Frequency range,Accuracy 50Hz or 60Hz,±0.1%×reading
Current range,Accuracy 0.10~100.00mA(or 40.00mA),±(2%×reading+2counts)
Time range,Accuracy 0.1~999.9s,±(0.2%×reading+1count)
Output voltage waveform, distortion, regulation Sine wave,<2%(pure resistance load),<2%×setting+5V)(from empty load to full load)
Start voltage setting (0%~50%)×output voltage setting
Current compensation setting 0.000~100.00mA(or 40.00mA),auto、manual
Arc detection 1~9 level,9 level is optimally sensitive,0 is OFF

DC Hipot test

Output voltage setting Range,Accuracy 100~6000VDC,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Alarm current limits setting Upper-limit,Accuracy 0~10000μA,±(2%×setting+5counts)
lower-limit,Accuracy 0.0~999.9μA,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Time setting Range 0.5~999.9s(0 is infinite)
Ramp up time range 0.1~999.9s
Ramp down time range 0.3~999.9s(0 is OFF)
Accuracy ±(0.2%×setting+1 count)
Measurement Voltage range,Accuracy 0.01~6.00VDC,±(1.5%×reading+1count)
Frequency range,Accuracy 0.0~10000uA,±(2%×reading+5count)
Current range,Accuracy 0.1~999.9s,±(0.2%×reading+1count)
Rated output capacity 60VA(6000VDC/10mA)
Output voltage ripple, regulation <5%(pure resistance load,6000V/10mA),<(2%×setting+5V)(from empty load to full load)
Compensation current Setting 0 ~200.0μA,auto, manual
Start voltage setting (0%~50%)× setting output voltage
Charging current lower limit (0~3.500)μA,auto, manual
Discharge time ≤200ms
Arc detection 1~9 level,9 level is optimally sensitive,0 is OFF

Insulation Resistance test

Output voltage setting Range,Accuracy 100~2500Vdc,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Alarm resistance setting Range 1~9999MΩ
Accuracy 100-499V,1~1000MΩ,±(8%×setting+2counts)
200~999MΩ, ± (5%×setting+2counts)
1000~9999MΩ, ± (15%×setting+2counts)
Time setting Ramp up time range 0.1~999.9s
Adjustment delay time 0,0.5~999.9s(0 is infinite)
Test time range 0,0.5~999.9s(0 is infinite)
Ramp down time range 0.1~999.9s
Accuracy ±(0.1%×setting+0.1s)
Measurement Voltage range, accuracy 100~2500Vdc,±(2%×reading+5counts)
Resistance range, accuracy 1~9999MΩ;
200~999MΩ, ± (5%×reading+2counts)
1000~9999MΩ, ± (15%×reading+2counts)
Time range,accuracy 0.1~999.9s,±(0.2%×reading+1counts)
Charging current lower limit 0~3.500μA,auto, manual
Discharge time ≤200ms

Ground Bond test

Rated output AN9638H(F) Max output current is 64A,max testing resistance 600mΩ,open-circuit voltage <12V
AN9637H(F) Max output current is 32A,max testing resistance 600mΩ,open-circuit voltage <12V
Output current setting Range,Accuracy 2.0~32.0A(or 64A),±(2%×setting+5counts)
Output voltage setting Range,Accuracy 3.0~10.0V ,±(2%×setting+5counts)
Output frequency setting Range,Accuracy Sine wave,50Hz or 60Hz,±0.1%×setting
Alarm limits setting Resistance upper/lower limits 2.0~10.6A:0.1~600mΩ;
10.7~32.0A(or 64A):0.1~R mΩ,among R=(6400 / set current value)mΩ,when current range changs,Tester for automatic calculation range scope biggest
Tolerance ±(2%×setting+5counts)
Compensation resistance setting Range 0~100 mΩ,automatic measurement,ON/OFF
Test time setting Range,Accuracy 0.5~999.9s(0 stand for time infinite length);±(0.2%×setting+1count)
Measurement Current range,accuracy 2.0~32.0A(or 64A),±(2%×reading+2counts)
Voltage range,accuracy 3.0~10.0V ,±(2%×reading+5counts)
Resistance range, accuracy 10.0~99.9~100~600mΩ;±(2%×reading+5counts)
(64A current calculated method is same)
Time range,accuracy 0.5~999.9s(0 stand for time infinite);±(0.2%×setting+1count)

Extended function

Communication function Address setting 0~999
Baud rate setting 300,1200,2400,4800,9600,192000
Verification mode setting None、odd、even
Bar code scanning Bar code scanning function ON/OFF
Bar code length setting 1~30
Model identification number Start bit select 1~30,max length 16 Bit
Function allocation explain Hardware interface is optional
print function printer type setting stylus printer miniprinter


Model AN1637H/1638H AN9640B AN9651TH
4 in 1 Safety Tester
Safety accuracy: 1%;;
Synchronized parallel Ground/Hipot test;
Mass storage, 50 steps in each group, total 10,000 groups or more;
10” LCD touch screen;
Android system, data storage, report export;
6 in 1 Safety Tester
AC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Power/Start;
Safety accuracy: 2%;
Classic model, well sold for over 20 years;
7 in 1 Safety Tester
AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Power/Start Start;
Safety accuracy: 2%;
Built-in 20kVA three-phase isolation transformer;

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