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Ground Bond Resistance tester calibrator AN20160(F)

Ground Bond Resistance tester calibrator AN20160(F)

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Main features

 In compliace with JJG984-2004 Ground Bond Resistance Tester Calibration Regulation,with unique timing test design,

current stability caculation and extermal load access functions,able to calibrate ground bond tester by method of quadripole or resistance

 Adopting digital designing technique,wide in measuremen ange and high in accuracy,AC current of 2.000A-60.00A,esistance voltage signal output is 0-12v,test accuracy is+-0.5%

Portable designing,menu type operation,coordinated with 320*240 blue LCD display,simple and convenient in application.


Input current range


Current measurement accuracy

±(5%× reading)

Resistance setting range

5.0119.9mΩ, 1201200mΩ

Output voltage range


Output voltage accuracy

10.099.9mV: ±(0.4%× reading+0.5mV)

100.012000mV: ±(0.5%× reading)

Time measurement range

00:00:00.0s99:59:59.9s, door limit setting function

Time measurement accuracy

±(1%× reading+0.2s)

Current stability calculation


Ground bond resistance calibration mode

4 terminals method

Resistance method

Grounding type


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