Safety Tester
ASA Housing LED Flood light 50W
7 in 1 Intelligent Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

AN1640B(F)/AN1651B(F); High-precision; High speed; Comprehensive Safety Tester

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High-precision: accuracy of 1%, industry first;
High speed: patented technology (grounding, voltage withstand parallel test), fast, efficient
Comprehensive: integrated safety performance and electrical performance test, one station, one-key start;
Intelligent: Built-in 100 groups of test conditions in memory;
Automation expansion: RS232/Rs485/GPIB/Ethernet interface (four choose one), bar code scanning interface, variable frequency power control interface to composing an automated Analyzer.

Regulatory compliance

Type Standard Number Description
Household products IEC 60950/GB4943 IT Equipment
IEC 60065/GB8898 Audiovisual equipment
IEC 60335/GB4706 Household appliances
Equipment/instruments UL 61010-1/GB4793 Laboratory test equipment
UL 60601-1/GB9706 Medical equipment
Power UL1310 Class 2 Power
UL 1778/GB T7260 UPS equipment
Transformers UL 1411 Transformers and motor transformers for audio-visual or television equipment
UL 1585 Class 2 and 3 transformers (for products with exposed wiring, ensure that there is no risk of electric shock, etc.)
IEC 61558-1/GB19212 Power transformers, power supply and other safety requirements

Function expansion & type

Model Function
AN1640B Desktop seven-in-one safetycomprehensive analyzer, 200VA output capacity
AN1640BP Desktop seven-in-one safety comprehensive analyzer, 500VA output capacity
AN1651B Cabinet seven-in-one safetycomprehensive analyzer, 200VA output capacity, built-in 6kW inverter power supply
AN1651BP Cabinet seven-in-one safetycomprehensive analyzer, 500VA output capacity, built-in 6kW inverter power supply

Specification of AN1640B(F)/1651B(F)

AC withstand voltage test
Rated output capacity 200VA (5000V/40mA), short circuit current is greater than 200mA;
(Optional: 500VA (5000V/100mA), short-circuit current greater than 200mA;)
Output voltage Range/accuracy 100~5000V, ±(1%× setting +5V)
Output frequency Range/accuracy 50Hz or 60Hz, ±0.1%× setting
Alarm current Upper limit/accuracy 0.10~40.00mA, ±(1%× setting +5 words)
Lower limit /accuracy 0.000~9.999mA, ±(1%× setting +5 words)
Time Range 0.5~999.9s (0: infinite time)
Ramp-up time 0.1~999.9s (0: off)
Ramp-down time 0.1~999.9s (0: off)
Accuracy ± (0.2%× setting +1 word)
Measure meter Voltage range/accuracy 0.01~5.00kV, ± (1%× reading +2 words)
Current range/accuracy 0.10~40.00mA, ± (1%× reading +5 words)
Time range/accuracy 0.1~999.9s, ± (0.2%× reading +1 word)
Output voltage wave, distortion, adjusting rate Sine wave, less than 2% (pure resistive load), ± (1% × setting + 5V) (from zero to full load)
Start voltage (0%~50%)× output voltage setting
Current compensation 0.000~40.00mA, Auto/manual
Arc detection Level 1~9, 9: highest level; 0: off
DC withstand voltage test
Output voltage Range/accuracy 100~6000Vdc, ± (1%× setting +5V)
Alarm current Upper limit/accuracy 0~10000μA, ± (1%× setting +5 words)
Lower limit /accuracy 0.0~999.9μA, ± (1%× setting +5 words)
Time Range 0.5~999.9s(0: infinite time)
Ramp-up time 0, 0.4~999.9s (0: off)
Ramp-down time 0, 1.0~999.9s (0: off)
Accuracy ± (0.2%× setting +1 word)
Measure meter Voltage range/accuracy 0.01~6.00Vdc,±(1%×读数值+2个字)
0.01~6.00Vdc, ± (1%× reading +2 words)
Current range/accuracy 0.0~10000uA, ± (1%× reading +5 words)
Time range/accuracy 0.1~999.9s, ± (0.2%× reading +1 word)
Rated output capacity 60VA(6000Vdc/10mA)
Output adjustment ± (1%× setting +2V), zero to full load
Compensation current 0 ~200.0μA, Auto/manual
Start voltage (0%~50%)×output voltage setting
Charging current lower limit (0~3.500) μA, Auto/manual
Discharge time ≤200ms
Arc detection Level 1~9, 9: highest level; 0: off
Insulation resistance test
Output voltage Range/accuracy 100~2500Vdc, ± (1%× setting +5V)
Alarm resistance Upper/lower limit 0.1MΩ~999.99MΩ,1000MΩ~50000MΩ,上限包含无上限设定
0.1MΩ~999.99MΩ, 1000MΩ~50000MΩ, the upper limit includes no upper limit setting
Accuracy 100-499V, 0.10MΩ~999.99MΩ, 1000~2000MΩ, ± (5%× setting +2 words)
500-2500V, 0.10~999.99MΩ, ± (2%× setting +2 words),
      1000~9999MΩ, ± (5%× setting +2 words)
      10000~50000MΩ, ± (15%× setting +2 words)
Time Ramp-up time 0,0.1~999.9s (0: off)
Delay decision time 0, 0.5~999.9s (0: infinite)
Range 0, 0.5~999.9s (0: infinite)
Ramp-down time 0, 1.0~999.9s (0: off)
Accuracy ± (0.1%× setting +0.1s)
Measure meter Voltage range/accuracy 100~2500Vdc, ± (2%× reading +5 words)
Resistance range/accuracy
Range: 0.100 MΩ~9.999 MΩ, 10.00 MΩ~99.99 MΩ, 100.0 MΩ~999.9 MΩ, 1.000 GΩ~50.00GΩ
Resolution: 0.001 MΩ, 0.01 MΩ, 0.1 MΩ, 0.001GΩ, 0.01GΩ
100-499V, 0.10~9.999MΩ, 10.00~99.99MΩ, 100.0~999.9MΩ, 1~2GΩ, ± (5%× reading +2 words)
500-2500V, 0.100~9.999MΩ, 10.00~99.99MΩ, 100.0~999.9MΩ, ± (2%× reading +2 words),
      1.000~9.999GΩ, ± (5%× reading +2 words)
      10.00~50.00GΩ, ± (15%× reading +2 words)
Time range/accuracy 0.1~999.9s, ± (0.2%× reading +1 word)
Charging current lower limit 0~3.500μA, Auto/manual
Grounding resistance test
Rated output Maximum output current: 32A; maximum test resistance: 600mΩ; maximum open circuit voltage: 12V
Output current Range/accuracy 2.0~32.0A, ± (1%× setting +2 words)
Output voltage Range/accuracy 3.0~6.4V , ± (1%× setting +2 words)
Output frequency Range/accuracy Sine wave, 50Hz or 60Hz, ±0.1%× setting
Alarm limit Resistance upper/lower limit Range: (0.1~600)mΩ (2.0~10.6)A;
(0.1~R)mΩ (10.7~32.0)A, R= (6400/current setting) mΩ. As the current scale is switched, the tester will automatically calculate the maximum scale.
Resolution: 0.1/1 mΩ
Error ± (1%× setting +2 words)
Compensation resistance Range 0~100 mΩ, automatic measurement , compensation On/Off
Test time Range/accuracy 0.5~999.9s (0: infinite); ± (0.2%× setting + 1 word)
Measure meter
Current range/accuracy 2.0~32.0A( or 64A), ± (1%× reading +2 words)
Voltage range/accuracy 3.0~10.0V , ± (1%× reading +2 words)
Resistance range/accuracy 10.0~99.9~100~600mΩ;± (1%× reading +2 words)
Time  range/accuracy 0.5~999.9s (0: infinite); ± (0.2%× setting +1 word)
Leakage current test
Leak test body network (MD card) Standard network, GB/T 12113 Fig. 4; (Optional: other leak test network)
Probe position Ground leakage current: G-L, G-N, AUTO (G-L, G-N); Surface leakage current: PH, PL
Test power state Polarity switch: On/Off/Auto;
Ground switch: On/Off
Zero line connection switch: On/Off
Test voltage output Single-phase, with external isolation transformer or variable frequency power supply to provide the required test voltage and frequency.
Test voltage upper/lower limit Upper/lower limit   Range: 0.0V~300.0V AC, Resolution: 0.1V, 45Hz~65Hz,
Error: ± (0.4%× setting +0.1%× scale)
Test voltage measurement Range: 0.0V~300.0V, 45Hz~65Hz, Resolution: 0.1V, 45Hz~65Hz,
Accuracy: 20.0V~300.0V: ± (0.4%× reading +0.1%× scale)
Load current 20A
Current upper/lower limit (RMS) Range: 0.0uA~999.9uA, 1000uA~9999uA, 10.00mA~12.00mA
Resolution: 0.1uA, 1uA, 0.01mA
0.0uA~999.9uA: DC: ± (1.5%× setting + 10 words)
    15Hz≤f≤100kHz: ± (1.5%× setting + 10 words)
    100kHz<f≤1000kHz, 10.0uA~999.9uA: ±5%× setting
1000uA~7999uA: DC: ± (1.5%× setting + 10 words)
     15Hz≤f≤100kHz: ± (1.5%× setting + 10 words)
     100kHz<f≤1000kHz, 10uA~7999uA: ±5%× setting
8.00mA~12.00mA: DC: ± (1.5%× setting + 10 words)
     15Hz≤f<1000kHz, 0.01mA~12.00mA: ±5%× setting
Current measurement (RMS) 0.0uA~999.9uA: Resolution: 0.1uA
DC: ± (1.5%× reading + 10 words)
    15Hz≤f≤100kHz: ± (1.5%× reading + 10 words)
    100kHz<f≤1000kHz, 10.0uA~999.9uA: ±5%× reading
1000uA~7999uA: Resolution: 1uA
DC: ± (1.5%× reading + 10 words)
 15Hz≤f≤100kHz: ± (1.5%× reading + 10 words)
 100kHz<f≤1000kHz, 10uA~7999uA: ±5%× reading
8.00mA~12.00mA: Resolution: 0.01mA
DC: ± (1.5%× reading + 10 words)
 15Hz≤f<1000kHz, 0.01mA~12.00mA: ±5%× reading
Current compensation Range: 0.000 ~ 1.000mA, automatic measurement, On/Off.
Test time Range: 0, (1 ~ 999.9), 0: infinite, Resolution: 0.1s, accuracy: ± (1% × setting +1 word). When the test mode is AUTO (G-L, G-N), the time is half.
Power parameter test
Power parameter test Alarm Power upper/lower limit alarm;
On/Off of upper/lower limit alarm of voltage, current and power factor.
Power upper/lower limit Range: 0.00W~99.99W, 100.0W~999.9W, 1000W~6000W
Resolution: 0.01W, 0.1W, 1W
Accuracy:±(0.1%× setting +0.1%× scale)
Active power measurement Range: 0.100W~9.999W, 10.00W~99.99W, 100.0W~999.9W, 1.000kW~6.000kW,
Resolution: 0.001W, 0.01W, 0.1W, 0.001kW
PF>0.5: ± (0.1%× reading +0.1%× scale)
PF≤0.5: ± (0.4%× reading +0.1%× scale)
Voltage upper/lower limit When voltage alarm is On
Range: 0.00V~99.99V, 100.0V~300.0V, Resolution: 0.01V, 0.1V;
Error: ± (0.1%× setting +0.1%× scale), 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Voltage measurement Scale: 300V, crest factor ≤1.6
Range: 5.00V~99.99V, 100.0V~300.0V, Resolution: 0.01V, 0.1V;
Resolution:± (0.1%× reading +0.1%×scale), 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Current upper/lower limit When current Alarm is On
Range: 0.00mA~99.99mA, 100.0mA~999.9mA, 1.000A~9.999A, 10.00A~20.00A
Resolution: 0.01mA, 0.1mA, 0.001A, 0.01A
Error: ± (0.1%× setting +0.1%× scale), 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Current measurement Range: 20A, crest factor ≤1.6
Range: 10.00mA~99.99mA, 100.0mA~999.9mA, 1.000A~9.999A, 10.00A~20.00A
Resolution: 0.01mA, 0.1mA, 0.001A, 0.01A
Resolution: ± (0.1%× reading +0.1%× scale), DC, 45Hz≤f≤65Hz,
Power factor  upper/lower limit When power factor alarm is On
Range: ± (0.100~1.000), Resolution: 0.001
Power factor measurement Range: ± (0.100~1.000), Resolution: 0.001
Resolution: ±0.01(Voltage/current amplitude is greater than 10% of the corresponding scale)
Frequency Range: 45.00Hz≤f≤65.00Hz, Resolution: 0.01Hz
Test time Range: 0, (0.5~999.9)s, 0: infinite, Resolution: 0.1s,
Resolution: ± 0.2% × setting +1 word
LV Start Test
LV Start Test Current upper/lower limit Range: (0.00~25.00)A, Resolution: 0.01A
Error: ± (0.1%× setting +0.1%× scale)
Current measurement Range: 25A, crest factor ≤1.6
Range: (0.02~25.00)A, Resolution: 0.01A
Resolution: ± (0.1%× reading +0.1%× scale), 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Voltage measurement Range: 300.0V, crest factor ≤1.6
Range: 5.00V~300.0V, Resolution: 0.01V/0.1V;
Resolution: ± (0.1%× reading +0.1%× scale), 45Hz≤f≤65Hz
Test time Range: 0, (0.5~999.9)s, 0: infinite, Resolution: 0.1s,
Resolution: ± 0.2% × setting +1 word
General Specification
Verification & Calibration environment 23℃±5℃, (45~75) %RH , less dust
Operating environment 0 ~40℃, , (5~90) %RH , less dust
Storage environment -10~55℃, (5~95) %RH , less dust
Power supply 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
Power consumption Maximum 1000VA (excluding operating power of objects under test)
AN1640B Weight (excluding packaging)  Approx. 40kg
Dimension (excluding packaging, mm) 483(W)x 550(D)x 175(H)
AN1651B Weight (excluding packaging) Approx. 80kg
Dimension (excluding packaging, mm) 483(W)x 600(D)x 1355(H)


Model AN1637H(F)/1638H(F) AN9640B(F) AN9651TH(F)
4 in 1 Safety Tester
Safety accuracy: 1%;;
Synchronized parallel Ground/Hipot test;
Mass storage, 50 steps in each group, total 10,000 groups or more;
10” LCD touch screen;
Android system, data storage, report export;
6 in 1 Safety Tester
AC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Power/Start;
Safety accuracy: 2%;
Classic model, well sold for over 20 years;
7 in 1 Safety Tester
AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, Leakage Current, Power/Start Start;
Safety accuracy: 2%;
Built-in 20kVA three-phase isolation transformer;

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