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Safety analyzer intelligent terminal

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Intelligent Electrical Safety Comprehensive Analyzer
Product test
System setting
Data management
Innovation and technology, industry first, patent protection, intelligent monitoring and control, data traceability, network transmission.

Features of intelligent terminal
Bar code identification, program matching, high efficiency: IN-PAD industrial tablet can connect bar code scanners to identify product categories, intelligent program matching, automatic start-up testing, low operator requirements and avoid human error, high efficiency, suitable for mixed production lines and export production lines.
Data storage, query and filter, data traceability: IN-PAD industrial tablet features convenient data storage, 8G local space, U disk to export data, network transmission data and other functions; ESRS-pad software supports test data filtering, conditional query, report generation and other basic data management capabilities for data traceability and quality analysis.
Software features: WINCE operating system, ESRS-pad professional measurement and control software for setting of the safety analyzer, system monitoring, data storage, filtering and query, report generation and other functions.
Hardware: ARM9170 processor, 400MHz, 10.4” TFT color LCD, touch screen control.
Interfaces: 2 RS232 ports, 3 USB ports, WLAN network interface, to connect safety analyzer, bar code scanner, web server and other peripherals.
Fixing mode: IN-Pad has two installation methods: desktop suction cup bracket and four joints 360° rotary arm.
Compatible: IN-Pad Tablet PC is compatible with Ainuo safetycomprehensive analyzer series, including AN9635HS\AN9636HS\AN9637H\AN9638H\AN9639H series safety analyzer, and AN9640A\AN9640B\AN9641B\AN9651B\AN9652H\AN9651TH\AN9651F\AN9651S\AN9652F\AN9652S series safety comprehensive analyzer.