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AN16015H(F); Built-in load;Portable; Regulatory compliance

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Built-in load: including coarse/fine adjustment, Max. 1000V/200mA
Portable: The whole machine can be placed in a small trolley case, small size, light
Regulatory compliance: JJG795-2016 Withstand Voltage Analyzer Verification Rule

Specification of AN16015H:

Model AN16015
AC/DC Voltage
Total measurement 0.1000~15.000(kV)      
Accuracy AC 0.4% × reading + 0.1% × scale
DC 0.4% × reading + 0.1% × scale
Maximum input voltage 16kV
Voltage Resolution 0.0001kV, (≤0.9999kV)
0.001kV, (>1.000kV)      
AC/DC current
Total measurement 0.100~240.0(mA)
Accuracy AC 0.4% × reading + 0.1% × scale
DC 0.4% × reading + 0.1% × scale
AC voltage distortion
Voltage input 1.000kV ~ 15.00kV      
Frequency measurement 50th harmonics
Range 0.50% ~ 10.00%
Accuracy Better than 1%
DC voltage ripple coefficient
Voltage input 1.000 kV ~ 15.00kV
Measurement 0.50% ~ 10.00%
Accuracy Better than 1%
Voltage hold time
Measurement 1.00s ~ 999.99s
Accuracy 0.5%±2 words (10s and above: 0.2%)
Resolution 0.01s
Built-in current measurement load
Operating conditions Voltage does not exceed 1.5kV at load resistance end, less than 30S for continuous load
Resistance Ω (Max. current) 2M(0.5mA); 1M(1mA); 500k(2mA);
200k(5mA) ; 100k(10mA) ; 50k(20mA) ;
20k(50mA) ; 10k(100mA) ; 5k(200mA).
Dimension/Weight 384×215×163 (W*H*D, mm), 7.75kg

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