Special Safety Analyzer
ASA Housing LED Flood light 50W
DC Leakage Current Analyzer

AN9620D(F); Network card ; Plug-in body network; Leakage current upper/lower limit setting

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★CCC, IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS and other common safety standards;
★Network in standard GBT12113 Figure 4, you can choose other standard network card;
★Network card and measurement bandwidth DC ~ 1MHz;
★Plug-in body network, convenient to replace the body network card, to meet the requirements of other industry standards;
★Leakage current upper/lower limit setting, intelligent decision, sound and light alarm;
★HD VFD display, simple panel operation;
★Remote control ports: RS232/485;
Specification of AN9620D

Model AN9620D
Working power 220V±10%,50Hz
Input test voltage range/accuracy/frequency 0~50V DC ± (2%× display +0.5V)
Input test current 12A DC MAX
Test methods Dynamic/static
Over current protection Sound and light alarm, cut off the load output
Built-in body network Network in standard GBT12113 Figure 4, you can choose other standard network card
Leakage current measurement range and accuracy 0.010~0.050mA DC
± (5%× display +5 words)
± (3%× display +2 words)
Leakage current preset upper/lower limit setting and resolution 0.050~10.00mA,0.01/0.1mA/ step
Test time setting Single timing test: 1 ~ 999s (LLL = continuous test);
Accuracy: ± 1% (set to 1s: only N line measurement, no L conversion)
Interface RS-232(RS-485 optional), digital remote control port
Dimension W × H × D (mm) 320×110×400

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