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AN9612D; Four-terminal test; Open circuit, over current, over voltage alarm

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This AN9612D Ground Resistance Analyzer is high performance instrument for grounding resistance test with excellent performance and rich features, LCD display, high-grade, beautiful, easy to learn. In addition to the high speed and high accuracy performance described in the specification table, the AN9612D analyzer also has rich auxiliary functions: 10 groups of memory, intelligent discrimination and sequence test.

1. Four-terminal test, accurate, reducing the error caused by the test line;
2. Judge whether the ground resistance exceeds the upper/lower limit;
3. Judge whether the output voltage exceeds the upper/lower limit;
4. Open circuit, over current, over voltage alarm;
5. Sound and display prompts for qualified test.

Specification of AN9612D

Model AN9612D
Output characteristic Output current Range DC 5.0A~50.0A
Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy ± (3%× display +1 word)
Open voltage DC 10V
Output capacity 500VA
Parameter measurement Current Range DC 5.0A~50.0A
Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy ± (3%× display +1 word)
Voltage Resolution DC 0.00V~10.00V
Accuracy 0.01V
Resolution ± (3%× display +5 words)
Resistance Resolution 1mΩ~600mΩ
Accuracy 1 mΩ
Resolution ± (3%× display +5 words)
Resistance judgment Upper limit Resistance  and resolution 1mΩ~600mΩ 1mΩ
Lower limit Resistance  and resolution 0mΩ~100mΩ 1mΩ
Judgment accuracy ± (3%× display +5 words)
Voltage judgment Upper limit Voltage  and resolution DC 0.01V~10.00V 0.01V
Lower limit Voltage  and resolution DC 0.00V~10.00V 0.01V
Judgment accuracy ± (3%× display +5 words)
Test time Range 1.0s~999.9s
Resolution 0.1s
Accuracy ± (1% × setting + 0.1s)
Counting direction Countdown
Features 记忆组Memory group 10 groups of memory
Measurement display Current, measurement resistance/voltage (optional display), test time.
Serial port Standard RS232/optional RS485
Operaintg environment Installation location Indoor, not higher than 2000 meters above sea level
Warranty Ambient Temp. 5℃~35℃
RH (20~85)%RH
Operation Ambient Temp. 0℃~40℃
RH 40℃,(10~95)%RH
Storage Ambient Temp. -10℃~50℃
RH 40℃,(10~95)%RH
Power supply Input 220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5% single phase
Power consumption No-load <50VA
Rated load <800VA
Dimension 2U standard cabinet
Weight 16.5kg

 India  Malaysia  Indonesia
 Brazil  Venezuela  Thailand
 Poland  Hungary  Czech Republic
 Bangladesh  Sri Lanka  Vietnam
 Turkey  Egypt  Pakistan
 Korea  Australia  New-Zealand
 Russia  Saudi Arabia  Dubai
 United States  Canada  Mexico
 Nicaragua  Haiti Columbia
 Ecuador  Peru  Uruguay
Argentina  Chile  Italy
Austria  Czech Rep  Belgium
Netherlands United Kingdom Ireland
France Spain Germany
Portugal Finland  

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