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ASA Housing LED Flood light 50W
AC Hipot/Insulation Resistance tester

AC Hipot/Insulation Resistance tester AN9632X(F)/AN9602X(F)/AN9605X(F)/AN9671X(F)

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Main features

* Latest international standard:Comply with CCC,IEC,EN,VDE,BS,UL,JIS standard requirements.

* Voltage ramp up/down,satisfy latest industrial standard requirements

* Breakdown current upper/lower limit setting,intelligent judgment,sound and light alarm

* AC 50/60HZ output

* Over voltage,over current protection,manual test wires compensation

* VFD display,simple operation

* Remote,RS232/485 interface

* Satisfy low voltage distribution industry latest requirements







AC Hipot Test

Rated Output

AC: 5kV/100mA

100VA(AC: 5kV/20mA)


Output Voltage Set and Range

0.2kV5.00kV AC,100mA 10V/step

0.2kV5.00kV AC, 10V/step


Output Voltage Adjustable Rate

±(2.5% of setting+10V)


Output Voltage Resolution/Accuracy

10V, ±(2.5% of setting+10V)


Output Frequency Range

50Hz, 60Hz (Optional)


Output Waveform

Sine waveform, pure resistance, above 200V, distortion <5%


Upper and Lower Limit Leakage Current Setting

AC: Upper: 0.10100.00mA, Lower:0.10100.00mA(0=disable), 0.01mA/step

AC: Upper: 0.1020.00mA, Lower:0.1020.00mA(0=disable), 0.01mA/step


Breakdown Current Accuracy

±(2.5% of reading+5 counts)


Ramp-up Time Setting Range/Resolution

1.0999.9s (0=disable) 0.1s/step


Test Time Setting Range/Resolution

1.0999.9s (LLL=continues) 0.1s/step


Test 450×150×440


 India  Malaysia  Indonesia
 Brazil  Venezuela  Thailand
 Poland  Hungary  Czech Republic
 Bangladesh  Sri Lanka  Vietnam
 Turkey  Egypt  Pakistan
 Korea  Australia  New-Zealand
 Russia  Saudi Arabia  Dubai
 United States  Canada  Mexico
 Nicaragua  Haiti Columbia
 Ecuador  Peru  Uruguay
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