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Application of Brushless Motor Stator Comprehensive Tester

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  Product: Brushless motor stator comprehensive tester

  Model: AN8352S

  Quantity: 3 units


  A customer in Shenzhen is a professional motor manufacturer. The company produces and processes hundreds of motors. Currently, it is making brushless motors for Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 generations. Our equipment is used on this line.

  Customer demand:

  The Xiaomi 2 production line is mainly responsible for the stator and the whole machine of the power motor of Xiaomi Air Purifier, and the motor is a DC brushless motor. After the completion of the stator winding, the stator should be tested to avoid the later assembly of the motor. Due to the overall scrapping of the product caused by poor stator, the stator test mainly includes items such as resistance, pressure, insulation and impluse;

  The traditional single-table detection method of the customer site requires each item to be detected in turn, which has the problems of low efficiency and poor accuracy. Although the old-fashioned system detection method can detect the above items in one time, due to the single-table integration, there is a communication problem. The detection speed is slow, and the maintenance and repair troubles. The use of the motor stator integrated tester MTE integrated machine test produced by Ainuo Instruments has the following advantages:

  1. One-time wiring, complete resistance, insulation, withstand voltage, steering, de-embedded, steering, etc.

  2. Integrated host, resistor board, switching board, output board board for easy disassembly and repair.

  3. Electrical strength test time can be set.

  4. Adjustable electrical strength voltage and inter-turn insulation programming.

  5. With automatic temperature compensation.

  6. Boot with self-test function to quickly diagnose faults.

  7. Each test item is tested separately.

  8.Automatically determine whether it is qualified.

  9. English interface

  10. Short test time and high efficiency.