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The Application of AN1640H, AN1651H

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  Industry: Household appliances - household air conditioners

  Product: AN1651H Safety Comprehensive Tester

  Application: Air conditioner inside and outside machine manufacturer, R&D, manufacturing company

  Specific needs: The essence of household air conditioners is an internal unit that coordinates and cooperates to adjust the temperature of the regional range of household appliances. After the assembly, the finished household air conditioners are internal and external. According to the requirements of the major manufacturers, safety regulations must be carried out. And performance testing, safety testing includes pressure, insulation, grounding, leakage, power, start-up (most safety stations only test withstand voltage, insulation, grounding, leakage).

  Product Type: Most of our company's safety instruments can meet customers. This chapter focuses on the specific examples of AN1651H.

  Air conditioning is the Air Conditioner. It refers to the process of adjusting and controlling the parameters such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness and speed of the ambient air in the building/structure by manual means. Generally include cold source / heat source equipment, hot and cold medium distribution system, terminal equipment and other major parts and other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes pumps, fans and piping systems. The end device is responsible for the use of the cold heat from the distribution, specifically processing the air, so that the air parameters of the target environment meet the requirements.

  Different from commercial air conditioners, most of the household air conditioners have a power of less than 3KW. For single-phase testing, our company can meet the test requirements according to the AN16 series (AN1640H, AN1651H).

  Commercial air conditioners generally have relatively large output, and there are many inspection stations. Air conditioner tests can be divided into two categories, one is testing for voltage, insulation, grounding, and leaking such safety projects, and the other is testing power and starting in the first half. In the safety test, the test speed of the equipment is fast and time-consuming. In the power and start test, due to the long test time, many customers are divided into two stations for testing.

  For these two types of customers, it is recommended to use the integrated tester AN1651H and the corresponding power start tester, etc., and for high-end customers to cooperate with our built-in tablet or PC software, it is easy to collect storage test data to meet the needs of information management and avoid missed inspection. Mis-inspection, improve the quality management level, effectively avoid the occurrence of unqualified products when supplying home appliance factories, and reduce the losses caused by quality problems.

  Introduction to the AN1651H test solution:

  1) Tester basic functions and panels

  Test items: hipot test, insulation test, grounding bond test, leakage current test, power, startup, etc.;

  ①Ground terminal;

  ②Input power interface: power socket, input utility power 220V/50Hz, 10A fuse;

  ③A/B station wiring port: A/B two station wiring port, left B right A, used for connection with the test object and connection with tester test box and grounding clamp; each port is defined as follows (only description A station, B station the same A):

  CURR+:Current output terminal in grounding resistance test;

  SENSE+:Positive terminal of voltage sampling line in grounding resistance test

  SENSE-:Instrument measurement loop.

  CURR-:Current loop end in grounding resistance test;

  H.V./L:High voltage output L line;

  H.V./N:High voltage output N line;

  PROBE HI:Leak probe

  ④Load power terminal: Input for load power, can be connected to the mains, or can be connected to the variable frequency power supply;

  ⑦Other interfaces: RS232/RS485/GPIB/LAN interface, extended function interface, etc., used for communication with other devices.

  Advantages of the AN1640H/AN1651H industry:

  The main test accuracy is 1%. For the highly competitive air-conditioning industry, high-quality large customers are more willing to purchase high-end instruments and widen the technological gap between SMEs and SMEs.

  The product supports pressure, insulation/grounding parallel testing, which can greatly improve the testing speed and increase production efficiency in the air conditioning industry with fast production rhythm;

  With data storage function, built-in mass storage, the requirements of quality control standards are easier to implement; especially when the customer does not have an information system such as MES, the local storage effect is particularly significant.

  The whole country adopts all imported connectors from Germany, and there is no need to worry about poor contact and wire falling off during use, and eliminate safety hazards.

  The AN1651H meets and exceeds customer needs at the AUX line.

  Typical applications are as follows:

  AUX specific requirements for new equipment:

  ①The length of the accessory test line of our company is not enough, the production line is inconvenient to use, and the test length is lengthened.

  ②The customer is a household air conditioner manufacturer, and some test boxes require a four-hole socket to customize the test box for the customer.

  ③In some actual inverters, there is a voltage difference between L/N in the actual test, resulting in breakdown voltage breakdown. In accordance with customer requirements, the L\N parallel mode is customized to avoid damage to the customer's products in the actual withstand voltage test.

  For the requirements of AUX, the field application plan of our AN1651H comprehensive test is as follows:

  1) Rapid test: The AUX production line uses the AN1640H/AN1651H series of voltage, insulation and grounding parallel test functions, and each project is switched quickly. It achieves the completion of all 6 project tests in 7 seconds, which can meet the high-speed test time of the production line. Requirements; (grounding 1S, leakage 2S, withstand voltage 1S, insulation 1S, power 1S, start 1S)

  2) Intelligent discrimination: It can set the voltage and current lower limit judgment to eliminate product missed inspection; for product test failure, intelligent analysis, sound and light alarm.

  3) Information function: The machine itself supports bar code scanning, data storage, U disk export data and other functions, automatic counting, test data is recorded one by one, and stored in the local touch tablet. Test data can be exported; storage capacity is kept for at least 3 months.

  4) Protection of the tested products: In the safety test, the zero-fire wires of the tested products are connected in parallel, and the high-voltage shock is avoided between L and N. At the same time, the insurance of the test box is increased by less than 5A to protect the abnormality of the L and N circuits.

  5) Two accessory options: test attachments can be selected according to different production lines:

  i. Power cord, test clip (test stick), junction box with 5m; scanner length increased to 3m;

  Ii. test line, test clip, test box with four-hole socket length 5m; scanner length increased to 3m;

  6) Reliable operation: The whole line needs to adopt a variety of anti-interference measures, strong anti-interference ability; at the same time, it has hardware and software protection, safe and reliable operation; automatic over-voltage and over-current protection, and safer use;

  7) Simple operation: It is necessary to display the test results in full screen, and multiple sets of test condition memories can easily realize testing of various electrical models;