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The Application of ANFP030A and AN97000H in aging of LED lam

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  Application: LED lamp aging laboratory

  Specific requirements: provide accurate, stable, program-controlled variable frequency power supply

  Product Type: ANFP030A, AN97000H

  Typical customer: Changhong Technology

  Customer demand:

  1. Output range: 90-140V, sequence output high voltage, stable, low voltage power supply, frequency can be adjusted at 45-65Hz;

  2. Overload protection: electrical facilities such as phase loss automatic disconnection and buzzer alarm;

  3. Maintainability: The overall design has good maintenance and maintenance feasibility.

  Customer site:

  ANFP series power supply advantages:

  1. Provide a stable, accurate and programmable test power supply for lamp aging;

  2. Using FPGA digital technology, the test process can be fully intelligent;

  3.Power management mode: Provide three-phase standard mode, three-phase unbalanced mode, three-phase independent mode, and parallel single-phase mode.