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The Application of AC power supply AN97 series

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  Application: Medical device manufacturer

  Specific requirements: provide electricity supply for all countries, equipment power supply test

  Product Type: AN97 Series

  Customer demand:

  1. Output 100V, 110V voltage, 50, 60Hz, 120V/60Hz, 127V/60Hz, internal resistance less than 0.3Ω

  2. When the output is 240V/60Hz, the internal resistance is less than 0.8Ω.

  3. When the output is 230V/60Hz, the internal resistance is less than 0.8Ω.

  4. When the output is 230V/50Hz, the internal resistance is less than 0.8Ω.

  5. When the output is 200V/60Hz, the internal resistance is less than 0.8Ω.

  6. When the output is 200V/50Hz, the internal resistance is less than 0.8Ω.

  Configure country sockets

  Customer equipment diagram

  Customer site

  This is the case of our AN97005H AC power supply in the field, the customer needs 10kVA AC power supply, and requires corresponding restructuring, output leakage current protection device, and national sockets.

  Product advantages:

  It can provide 1-300V, 45-65Hz power requirements for power grids around the world, and no need to customize the power distribution cabinet according to the products developed.

  Easy to use, easy to operate, the way to configure the sockets of various countries can choose the junction box mode. Compared with the way the previous sockets are mounted on the power distribution cabinet, the distance to the user's products can be greatly shortened. The internal resistance of the AC power supply is in the mΩ class, which is much smaller than the customer's requirements, which greatly improves the power supply stability and accuracy of medical products.