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The Application of AC Power Supply

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  Application of AC Power Supply in Induction Cooker Heating Aging Test

  Application: Induction cooker manufacturer aging laboratory

  Product Type: AN97 Series Variable Frequency Power Supply, ANFC Series New Generation AC Power Supply

  Specific requirements: provide stable power supply for induction cooker aging, can meet the output requirements of 110V/60Hz


  The AN97 series variable frequency power supply adopts high frequency pulse width modulation and IGBT driving technology, correspondingly fast, stable output, and output pure sine wave of various frequencies according to the setting, suitable for simulating power supply of various countries. The ANFC series of new generation AC power supply has made a new breakthrough on the basis of AN97. It adopts FPGA numerical technology, precise control, guarantees high-quality sine wave output, accurate stability and even function upgrade, offer more options to help upgrade industry standards.

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  The power supply is continuously powered by the aging laboratory. The voltage is stable, the frequency is accurate, the operation is simple, the safety performance is guaranteed, and the voltage and frequency required for the outlet type induction cooker can be easily satisfied.