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The Application of AC power supply ANFC090T

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  Application: Motor performance test laboratory, production line

  Specific needs: regulated variable frequency power supply (single three-phase switching)

  Product Type: AC Power Supply ANFC090T

  Solution: The motor is initially used with three single-output power supplies, which is complicated to operate and has poor accuracy. When testing three-phase motors, the field personnel are always a headache. The ANFC090T power supply can be used for three-phase output and single-phase output. It is easy to operate and has high precision. It can also set up a quick group, which not only improves production efficiency, but also improves motor quality. Convenient and fast, the price is much lower than the three 30KW single-phase output power supplies, saving and efficient.

  Field equipment:

  Product advantages:

  1. Single/three-phase output, easy to operate;

  2. Stable performance and high precision;

  3. Save lab time.