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The Application of Programmable High AC Power Supply ANFP Se

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  Application: Air conditioning manufacturer laboratory, air conditioning motor and compressor manufacturing factory laboratory

  Specific requirements: simulation of interference tests of air conditioning power supply harmonics on air conditioners (compressors, motors, circuits)

  Product Type: ANFP Series High Power Programmable Analog Power Supply

  Product advantages:

  ANFP series power supply can not only simulate single-phase power grid test, but also simulate three-phase power grid test. The power level covers from 15kVA-1MVA, the programming function is more powerful, and the application range is more extensive. It is very suitable for high-power air conditioning laboratory, high-power motor experiment. Room and other occasions.

  (1) Single/three-phase general mode

  An ANFP power supply can be used as a standard three-phase power supply, or as a high-power single-phase power supply. It can also be used as three low-power single-phase power supplies (three-phase independent setting voltage frequency, independent start and stop) Therefore, in the air conditioner, the motor manufacturer is more flexible in use, and the one-time investment is lower.

  (2) Simulating grid fluctuations

  The ANFP series power supply has powerful steps, steps and gradual changes, which can simulate various abnormal conditions of the power grid and test the performance of the product under abnormal conditions of the power grid.

  (3) Harmonic testing

  The ANFP series power supplies can simulate 2-40 harmonics to test the performance of the product under grid voltage distortion.

  (4) Three-phase unbalance test

  Three-phase unbalance of the power grid is very common. If the product is designed and manufactured without considering the three-phase unbalanced power supply, it will work abnormally in use. For some high-end products, damage may occur, so the three-phase unbalanced Performance testing is very important. The ANFP series of three-phase can be independently adjusted and programmed to simulate the three-phase unbalance of the power grid.