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The Application of ANFC series AC power supply

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  Application: Household vacuum cleaner factory performance aging test, laboratory test performance test

  Specific requirements: simulate the performance aging test of domestic and foreign power grids under different voltages and different frequencies of vacuum cleaners

  Product Type: ANFC Series AC Power Supply

  Customer demand: Test the performance stability of the household vacuum cleaner at different frequencies and voltages. Before using Aino AC power supply, the voltage regulator is used. The characteristics of the voltage regulator can only be adjusted, no frequency setting, and the voltage is not accurate and fluctuating, and the test result is not satisfactory. Customer test requirements: frequency 50Hz/60Hz, 110V/120V/130V, 220V/230V/240V and other voltages, as well as the output rated voltage of 1.05 times the voltage and 0.85 times the normal start test and vacuum cleaner aging performance test.

  Product advantages: Solve the problem of inaccurate voltage error of voltage regulator in the early stage, meet the power supply requirements of different voltage/frequency of export products, and realize the programming test and aging of multi-voltage point and multi-frequency point; The communication remote control sets the upper computer control, which greatly improves the control and management efficiency of multiple power supplies.

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