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The Application of ANFS series power supply

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  Application: Electric vehicle manufacturer

  Specific needs: simulating national power grids, equipment power supply testing

  Product Type: ANFS Series

  When the charging pile charges the car, the output stability is relatively high. Because the charging power is very high and the charging process has a great influence on the power grid, the high-quality charging pile requires stable and reliable output under the condition of large fluctuation of the power grid. , complete the charging of the car.

  Therefore, in the performance laboratory, especially in the new product typing test, a very important content for the grid adaptability test of the charging pile. In order to simulate the changes of the power grid, a high-power programmable power supply is generally used as the test power supply device.

  The main customer requirements include:

  1. It can provide a stable and reliable voltage between 100V-270V and a programmable output between 45-65Hz;

  2. Can simulate three-phase unbalanced output;

  3. Programmable sequence test (required in the equipment aging test later)

  4. With remote control.

  The customer uses ANFS power to simulate the voltage and frequency of the domestic and international power grids. The model purchased by the customer is ANFS300A (300KVA). The power supply is used as the front input of the charging pile to adjust the output voltage frequency of the power supply. The power output is connected with the charging pile input. Charge the car battery through the control of the charging post. The charging gun power of each AC charging pile is 100KVA, and each pile is equipped with a maximum of two guns.

  1. PC software control

  Because the laboratory is far away from the control room, it is equipped with the upper computer software to control the variable frequency power supply, and adjust the output voltage and frequency according to the test product specification and model requirements.

  2. Three-phase unbalanced output

  Electric vehicles should adapt to the charging of different voltages. Because the battery power of electric vehicles is too large, three-phase electricity is needed to supply power. The three-phase electricity in the power grid will be unbalanced during the actual output process. At this time, our company needs variable frequency power supply. To simulate various abnormal voltages to test electric vehicles and test the impact on electric vehicles.

  3. Charge and recharge current processing

  Since the charging pile is at the end of the test and there is a current backflow problem, it is very easy to cause damage to the power supply. You can choose the variable frequency power supply with feedback function (our company has developed for the needs of this industry) to absorb the recharged electric energy.

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