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The Application of ANFP Series AC Power Supply

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  Application: Electric Power Institute Supply and Distribution Network Simulation Laboratory

  Specific requirements: simulate grid power flow parameters to achieve optimal design of power distribution system

  Product Type: ANFP Series AC Power Supply

  The ANFP series power supply can realize voltage and frequency programming functions through the operation panel, so it can simulate various grid power conditions. The ANFP series enables parallel functions, connecting multiple ANFP power supplies in parallel for greater power supply. In addition, ANFP has a numerical phase-locked loop that can lock different phases and achieve 0-360° phase angle switching. Therefore, the ANFP power supply is connected in parallel through the analog impedance device, and the multi-tap power transformer is connected externally, so that the distribution network simulation experiment of different voltage levels can be realized.


  1. Multiple parallel units: The power distribution simulator consists of two power supplies, each with a capacity of 120KVA and a total of 240KVA.

  2. Power supply mode control: After the power system is powered on, the host can automatically identify the number of power supplies in the system. The following modes are set according to the system:

  A. Overall power supply mode: The host will start at the same time according to the number of power supplies in the system;

  B. Cut into the power supply mode: after the host starts, it will notify the slaves to cut into the system under the set phase difference according to the command of the host computer;

  3. High and low voltage simulation: When the low voltage is simulated, the analog power supply device is connected in parallel to realize the overall power supply or cut into the power supply. During high-voltage 10KV simulation, the output is connected in parallel through the booster, and the feedback point of the power supply is switched to the high-voltage terminal through the contactor.

  4. Anti-return protection: Each power supply has DC bus detection function. When the DC bus voltage is too high, the power output is cut off to prevent the power supply from absorbing external energy and damaging internal components.

  5. Power quality assurance: The inverter power supply output adopts multi-stage filtering equipment to meet the relevant national power quality standards, and the total harmonic content THD<3%.

  Customer site:

  At present, the entire power distribution simulation system has been delivered to an electric power institute for use, and the operation is good and the simulation is accurate.