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The Application of DC Power Supply AN50/AN51 series

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  Application: electric drill production line, laboratory, and corresponding suppliers, testing institutions

  Specific requirements: replace the battery, power supply for the performance test of the drill, and require the DC power supply to have constant voltage and constant current. Sequence test function

  Product Type: AN50 Series, AN51 Series

  Status and issues:

  1. Using battery power supply, because the battery storage capacity is uncontrollable, it is impossible to simulate the operation status of the battery under the condition of loss of electricity and full electrician. If the battery is depleted, the electric drill should theoretically not start, otherwise it will affect the battery life.


  AN50 series and AN51 series program-controlled DC power supply have constant current and constant current mode, which can simulate the performance of electric drill in various states such as deficient and fully charged batteries, meet the requirements of electric drill performance test under different working conditions, and meet the types of electric tools. : Electric screwdriver, electric screw head, electric drill, nail gun.

  2. Long-term aging test of power tools: Power tools need to test the stability of the design, need to do long-term aging in the laboratory, conduct long-distance test, test the long-term stability of the power tool, the battery test process often encounters insufficient power. Long-term operation, DC power supply can be operated for a long time by connecting to the mains, and the DC power supply has a sequence test function, which can meet the aging test of the start-stop performance of the power tool.

Selection recommendation:

Recommended Model Main Features Suitable Location Remarks
AN50 series with 35V, 60V, 120V, 330V, 630V voltage position, 1% accuracy Workshop assembly test Impact resistance Impact resistance
AN51 series with 300V, 600V, 1000V three-speed voltage mode, 0.15% accuracy Laboratory test No impact resistance, high precision
AN87500 Electrical parameter performance, inrush current parameter test Laboratory test Need to have oscilloscope function
AN9636H AC and DC withstand voltage test, insulation safety test production workshop, laboratory