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The Application of programmable AC power supply ANFP

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  Application of AC power supply in swimming pool product performance test

  Application: swimming pool testing laboratory, production line

  Specific needs: programmable AC power supply ANFP

  Description of the program:

  American standard power supply three-phase input two-phase output, after the conventional power supply is reformed, the use conditions are greatly limited, and can only be used in American products, resulting in great waste. The output phase and phase angle of ANFP series power supply can be set freely. Three-input single-out, three-in-two-out, three-in-three-out multiple use conditions, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, convenient and fast.

  Customer focus:

  Mainly look at the performance of ANFP two aspects:

  1. Independent output, adjustable phase angle, can achieve multi-purpose (save space)

  2. Stable performance, long-term standby work under severe conditions

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