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The Test Solution of USB charger

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  Ainuo USB charger test solution

  Product description to be tested

  Product body dimensions: length * width * height = 225 * 40 * 21, unit: mm.

  Plug type: GB1002 2P+PE plug;

  Power cord length: 1.5 meters.

  Technical indicators

  1. Rated input: 100-240VAC.

  2. Rated power: 15.5W.

  3, rated output: rated voltage, 5V ± 5%; rated current, 3.1A (3 interface total output), single port rated current, 2.1A MAX.

  4. Number of interfaces: 3 USB interfaces. Compatible: with charging compatible chip

  Production test project

  1, L pole / N pole - PE, withstand voltage test

  2, L pole / N pole (plug) - Vbus / GND (USB interface)

  Performance test: output characteristic test, no-load voltage, full load output voltage, single USB interface 2.1A current output voltage

  Special test: 3.3V applied to D+ pin, measuring D-pin voltage

  System Configuration

  Electronic load: simulate the charged terminal, test the no-load, full load voltage value, etc. of the USB output

  Industrial computer: run test software, internal integrated data acquisition card, test D-value of USB output

  Tooling interface board: matched with standardized automatic production line, providing standard input and output interfaces for easy connection of different test fixtures

  System control unit: used to implement the project test, fixture control, signal acquisition and measurement functions of the automatic test system. Provide a variety of input, output, alarm interface and so on.

  Power test system

  1) After startup, the test of each item in Table 1 is automatically completed; A: One-button start.

  2) Working mode: adapt to the continuous working mode of the automated production line; A: Satisfied.

  3) With the interface of the automatic production line, the I/O interface card and the necessary driver, you can communicate and cooperate with the automated production line to complete the automatic test. A: The system control unit is configured to reserve input and output ports.

  4) The test software platform is based on the Windows operating system and has functions such as test, statistics, management and data storage; it is versatile and open, and can test the adapter's regular projects; when the test project is increased, there is no need to re-purchase the software platform, just increase Test the hardware and the necessary accessories accordingly. A: Aino Software meets the above requirements.

  5) The cabinet is of standard size, which reserves the space for future hardware. The test equipment instrument and computer interface is GPIP or RS232 interface to ensure fast test, stability and reliability. A: Aino adopts RS232 communication protocol, the cabinet is a standard cabinet, and space is reserved.

  6) Both hardware and software are self-owned brands, with software and hardware R&D, production and integration capabilities. A: The software and hardware of the test system are independently developed by Aino.

  7) Test accuracy: DC voltage ±1%, resolution 0.01V; DC current ±1%, resolution 0.01A; A: The voltage of the electronic load, the current accuracy is better than 0.3%, the resolution is 0.0001A.

  8) DC 3.3V is given by external DC power supply and can be applied to D+ pins of 3 USB interfaces at the same time; the system measures the voltage of D-pins of 3 USB interfaces. Answer: D-discipline voltage is collected by NI company data acquisition card, with high precision and fast response.

  9) It has the safety protection for the person, the tested product and the equipment, and there is an abnormality, which can be stopped urgently. A: The test fixture has an emergency stop button.

  Test system software

  1, the report interface EXCEL, in addition we export the word and TXT format according to the needs

  2, the program editing interface is simple to operate, and the functions are modularized, making the test more convenient and quick.

  3, the test process picture is simple, the data classification is clear.

  4, the test program has various control methods, which can be flexibly used according to the customer's site.

  5, in addition to the basic test function, our test software also has the following extensions, such as the printing of test results, upload database, barcode scanning and other functions.