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Application of AN9651 Series in refrigerator production line

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  Main features

  * Comply with CCC,IEC EN,VED,BS,UL,JIS standard requiements.

  * Latest international standard:500VA AC Hipot capacity(AC 5KV/100mA),short-circuit output current exceeds 200mA.Built-in optional leakage current test network MD card,meeting requirements of different industrial standards Maximum test current of Ground Bond resistance is up to 64A

  *6 in 1:AC Hipot,Insulation Resistance,Ground Bond resistance,Leakage Current,Running Power,Low-Voltage Start.

  Standby power consumption is optional for AN9651F(F)and AN9651S(F),minimum is low to 0.50w,accuracy is 0.2%

  * Simple operation:LED backlit screen operation,Chinese/English languages,socket test fixture.

  * Flexible configuration:Built in isolated transformer,AC frequency conversion power supply,frequency conversion power supply and industrial PC combiantion

  * Satisfy lattest requirements:Follow the production line developing trends of comprehensive,fast,automation and information.Satisfy quality management,5s management and refid management requirements.