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White Goods - Electrical Safety Tests for White Goods Manufa

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Nowadays, White Goods manufacturing (air conditioner, refridgerator etc.) requires not only follows IEC60335-1 standard for electrical safety, but also fits power supply of major countries. The test should meet different plugs and different electricity network standards, with advanced information system.
Ainuo AN9651S comprehensive electrical safety testing system, integrated 6 test functions in 1 tester, furthermore, contains AC variable frequency power supply, barcode recognition, data storage and other info management functions. The Multi-Nation Safety Testing Box is an equipment that would fulfill the production for different countries, small batches of multi-species mixed production, manufacturing information system (MES, ERP) to improve production efficiency and quality management level.
The Multi-Nation Safety Testing Box cooperates with 16 different power specifications. In traditional way, it needs workers to change plug, platform and power supplies quite often. Furthermore, there is potential hazardous in burning if a wrong power supply is used. The Ainuo Box efficiently solved the changing problems for testing different specifications. It greatly increased the testing efficiency and lowered the labour cost.
Multi-Nation Safety Testing Box
  1. Multi-Nation Specifications Platform

Upper: Universal 10A (China, North America, Australia); South Africa; Europe/Korea; Israel (L and N reverse);
Lower: Universal 16A (China, North America, Australia); 3C16A and 3C10A (China, Macau); Britain/Singapore.
  1. The 16 specifications of power plug

Model Selection
Model Main Functions Applied Production LineType Remark
AN9651S Electrical Safety Comprehensive tester Safety Test 6 in 1, built-in 5kW AC power, high accuracy; barcode identification, data storage, 1.4m height cabinet; with IN-PAD intelligent test terminal Mixed Production Line for Exporting AN9652S optional, with DC withstand voltage test and higher accuracy
AN965-51 Intelligent Electrical Safety Testing Terminal IN-PAD intelligent test terminal, test operation control, barcode identification, data storage; 360°multi-joint cantilever Existing AN9651B, AN9640A etc. update  
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