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Photovoltaic Cell Simulation in Solar Power Inverters Perfor

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Solar Power is getting increasingly larger in scales, as a new form of energy, the Solar Power Inversters are being widely used in PV industry. As a result, the testing requirements kept increasing for the power supply to simulate solar illumination situations.

Ainuo AN51 series power supply can be used to simulate voltage and current output of different solar illumination situations. For example, AN51015-600 got quick response, controllable, high steady and high accurate I-V curve simulation features, building SAS model in single unit. User could also set parameters like Voc, Isc, Vmp and Imp and so on to generate I-V curve output. In addition, customer can use upper computer software to program a set of V&I data so that get verification for inverter.

Product Features

AN510XX series high power density solar energy simulation power supply is a programmable DC power supply of good looks, small volumn, high performance, powerful function and easy-to-use.

  • Voltage output range: 0~600V
  • 3U15kw high power density, high power parallel
  • Solar Cell I-V curve simulation 
  • Variety solar cell outputs simulation (Fill Factor)
  • I-V curve simulation in different temperatures and illumination
  • Efficient MPPT function
  • Accurate voltage and current measurement
  • RS232 COM port
  • Graphical operating system
  • Setup sequence output to test inverter voltage range
  • High light dot-matrix VFD display

AN51015-600 Applications
AN510 series simulator got high extension in power, easily fulfill the requirement for inverter aging process. This system are widely being used in Beijing Qunling Energy, China Electric Power Research Institute.
Under 10kW Inverter Test
One 20kW AN51015-600 photovoltaic simulator provide power to two inverters, save power and space, less wiring operation.

20kW, 40kW, 60kW and over
Using multiple 20kW AN51015-600 for power supply based on inverter power. Like the picture below, using assembled 6 units to be a module, there are two modules connected to inverter’s two inputs respectively for 120kW inverter test.

Beijing Qunling Energy, China Electric Power Research Institute, Intertek, TUV, Jinlang New Energy, Zhengtai New Energy etc.


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