Bidirection Grid Simulation Power Supply ANBGS Series

Bidirection Grid Simulation Power Supply ANBGS Series

    ANBGS Series bidirectional grid simulation ac power supply. Input: 220V/380V; Output: 0~300V, 40~70Hz, 45kVA, 60kVA, 90kVA, 120kVA, 200kVA, 400kVA, 600kVA, 1000kVA, etc.

  The ANBGS series analog power supply which can feed back to the grid is specially developed for new energy industries such as photovoltaic and wind energy, suitable for testing and verification of inverters. The power supply features 100% energy feedback to the grid, and can operate in four quadrants, energy-saving and low cost; FPGA digital control, intelligent inverter test process; sine wave output and multi-harmonics superposition output, single-phase, two-phase or three-phase low (zero) voltage ride through (LVRT), which can fully simulate various abnormal conditions of the grid, to cooperate with over-voltage/under-voltage, over-frequency/under-frequency, unbalance and anti-islanding protection tests to meet test requirements of relevant regulations.


  1.Adopt FPGA digital technology, realize intelligent inverter testing process;

  2.With 100% energy feedback to the grid , the power supply can operate in four quadrants;

  3.Input power factor correction;

  4.High performance low (zero) voltage ride through;

  5.Voltage and frequency can be set as complex programming such as Step, stage or varations, overvoltage/undervoltage, over-frequency/under-frequency test;

  6.Harmonic mode, can be superimposed 2 to 40-th harmonics;

  7.Three-phase Unbalanced mode, adjustable three-phase voltage and three-phase phase difference, Realize three-phase Unbalanced test;

  8.Operating in over current shock( up to 3 times of rated current) within 2s,strong load capacity;

  9.Complete measurement function: voltage, current, peak current, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage crest factor;

  10.Online monitoring: IGBT temperature, transformer temperature, fan speed, input voltage and other parameters in output state;

  11.Operating data recorder: Automatically record the power status, alarm code etc. in case of alarm, greatly reducing maintenance time;

  12.Automatic fan speed adjustment according to the temperature of the power supply, quiet;

  13.Lock key, user-friendly design, automatically locking after no-operation for 5 minutes to prevent misuse;

  14. Combination cabinet, 8” large-screen color LCD;

  15.Standard RS232, optional RS485, GPIB, Ethernet port or analog control mode;


  The ANBGS series Grid Simulator Power Supply can simulate overvoltage/undervoltage, over-frequency/under-frequency, low (zero) voltage ride through and other curves. The overvoltage/undervoltage, over-frequency/under-frequency, anti-islanding protection of inverter can be tested with anti-islanding load or AC electronic load. AN51 series solar cell simulator can simulate a variety of I-V curves of solar cell to verify the inverter's maximum power tracking capability, and conduct inverter aging test and overvoltage/undervoltage protection; AN87500 multi-channel power analyzer can analyze the inverter’s power, harmonics, efficiency and other parameters, so as to conduct comprehensive analysis of inverter performance. Three kinds of equipment can be integrated using professional PC test software to form a comprehensive inverter test system and solutions.

  Grid Simulator Power Supply, the solar cell simulator and power analyzer forming the inverter test system.

  Low (zero) voltage ride through

  Programmable output (step, stage, varations) for over-voltage/under voltage and over frequency/under frequency testing.

  Harmonic mode

  Three-phase unbalance test

  PC control software

  Large-size color LCD, digital key input, knob operation

  Specifications of ANBGS series:

capacity 45kVA 60kVA 90kVA 120kVA
Input Voltage 3-phase 4-wires + PE,Phase voltage: 220V±33V, line voltage: 380V±57V,50/60Hz±3Hz
Feedback function 100% energy feedback grid function
Power factor >0.97(input rated voltage and input 50%-100% of rated current)
>0.95(input rated voltage and input 10%-50% of rated current)
>0.95(input rated voltage and input 50%-100% of rated current)
>0.90(input rated voltage and input 10%-50% of rated current)
AC output Output mode 3-phase-4wires  standard mode, 3 phase unbalanced mode
Voltage,Frequency Phase voltage 0.0~300.0V,Frequency 45.00~65.00Hz
Rated current 220V 68.2A 90.9A 136.3A 181.8A
Setting accuracy Voltage Resolution:0.1V,Accuracy:0.2%×reading value +0.2%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.01Hz,Accuracy:0.05%
Testing Accuracy Voltage Resolution:0.1V,Accuracy:0.2%×reading value +0.2%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.01Hz,Accuracy:0.05%
Current Resolution:0.1A/1A,Accuracy:0.3%×reading value +0.3%×full scale value
Power   Resolution:0.1kW/0.01kW/0.001kW,Accuracy:0.45%×reading value +0.45%×full scale value
Frequency stability ≤0.02%
Voltage distortion Linear load:THD<1%
Transient recovery time 20ms
3 phase phase difference 3-phase standard mode:120°±2°
3 phase unbalanced mode:0.0°~359.9°,0.1°Adjusted
Crest factor 1.41±0.1
Source voltage effect ≤1%
Load effect ≤1%
Over power 105%<Output≤110%  the output will be stopped within 15s ;110%<Output≤200%  the output will be stopped within 5s;
200%<Output≤300%  the output will be stopped within 2s ;300%<Output the output will be stopped immediately
Protection mode IGBT overheat、IGBT over current、Transformer overheat、Input lack voltage、Input over voltage、Output lack voltage、Output over voltage、Lack output phase、Output over load、Output short cirluit、Output over current、bus anti-recharge
Function Display mode 8 inch LCD display, resolution: 800*600;
Output waveform Sine wave, harmonics (superimposed 2 ~ 40-th harmonics)
Programming Low (zero) voltage through With, minimum response time 20ms
Step 9999 step
List 100 steps: 999999 cycles
Ramp 100 steps: 999999 cycles
Soft-start time 0.0~99.9s
Online adjustment function In the normal mode, the output voltage and frequency can be adjusted online
memory function/ Shortcut group Power down memory function, memory last output mode and parameters;10 groups of common modes, 10 groups of harmonics
Line voltage crop compensation 0.000~0.500Ω
Communication RS232(standard)、RS485(options)、GPIB(options)、Ethernet(options) 、Analog control port(options)
environment Temperature/humidity 0~40℃,20~90%RH
Dimension (WxHxDmm) 1800*2000*800 1800*2000*1000
Weight(Kg) 970 1180 1460 1690

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