Laboratory AC Power Supply ANFL Series

Laboratory AC Power Supply ANFL Series

    ANFL Series laboratory ac power supply. Input: 220V/380V; Output: 0~300V, 45~65Hz, 15kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA, 90kVA, etc.

  The ANFL series laboratory AC power supply adopts FPGA digital control, instantaneous waveform control and high-frequency pulse width modulation (SPWM) technologies. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high output accuracy, and superior waveform quality; it can withstand 3 times the rated Current impact capability, strong load adaptability; equipped with EMI filter to provide pure output waveform while preventing interference to the power grid; using 8-inch color LCD, beautiful and high-end appearance, with digital keys, operation is more convenient. It can be widely used in laboratories, quality inspection units, scientific research institutes and certification centers.


  1. Adopt FPGA digital technology, realize accuracy control and high quality sine wave output;;

  2.Operating in over current shock (up to 3 times of rated current)within 2s, start the impact load of 1/3 capacity of power supply directly;

  3.Input and output configuration EMI filter to provide pure output waveform while preventing interference to the power grid;

  4.Adjustable voltage and frequency during output status, frequency change without transit time;

  5.Voltage binning function: 0.0-150.0V, 150.1-300.0V, automatically adjust or lock 0.0-300.0V;

  6.Measurement: voltage, current, current peak, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage peak factor;

  7.Online monitoring: monitor IGBT temperature, transformer temperature, fan speed, input voltage and other parameters during output status;

  8.Multi-group shortcut group, power-down memory function, shortcut keys and knob operation;

  9.Operating data recorders: keep the record of power supply status and alarm code automatically during alarming, save the maintenance time;

  10.Fan speed will be adjustable automatically with the temperature of power supply to reduce the noise;

  11.Lock key, user-friendly design, automatically locking without operation for 5 minutes to prevent from operation mistakes;

  12. Combination cabinet, 8” large-screen color LCD;

  13.Standard RS232, optional RS485, GPIB, Ethernet, analog control and other remote communication/control.


  Over shock capacity: impact load of 1/3 capacity of power supply directly without soft start.

  Large-size color LCD, digital key input, knob operation

  PC control software

  Specifications of ANFL series:

Model ANFL015T(F) ANFL030T(F) ANFL045T(F) ANFL060T(F) ANFL090T(F)
capacity 15kVA 30kVA 45kVA 60kVA 90kVA
Input Voltage,Frequency 3-phase 4-wires + PE,Phase voltage: 220V±33V, line voltage: 380V±57V,50/60Hz±3Hz
AC output Voltage 3-phawe 4-wires , Automatic files: (low) 0.0 ~ 150.0V, (high-grade) 150.1~300V; high-grade lock:0.0 〜 300.0V
Frequency 45.00~65.00Hz
Rated Current 110V 45.4A 90.9A 136.3A 181.8A 272.7A
220V 22.7A 45.4A 68.2A 90.9A 136.3A
Setting accuracy Voltage Resolution:0.1V,Accuracy:0.2%×reading value +0.2%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.01Hz,Accuracy:0.05%
Testing Accuracy Voltage Resolution:0.1V,Accuracy:0.2%×reading value +0.2%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.01Hz,Accuracy:0.05%
Current Resolution:0.1A/1A,Accuracy:0.3%×reading value +0.3%×full scale value
Power   Resolution:0.1kW/0.01kW/0.001kW,Accuracy:0.45%×reading value +0.45%×full scale value
Frequency stability ≤0.02%
Voltage distortion Linear load:THD<1%
Transient recovery time 20ms
3 phase phase difference 120°±2°
Crest factor 1.41±0.1
Source voltage effect ≤1%
Load effect ≤1%
Over power 105%<Output≤110%  the output will be stopped within 15s ;110%<Output≤200%  the output will be stopped within 5s;
200%<Output≤300%  the output will be stopped within 2s ;300%<Output the output will be stopped immediately
Protection mode IGBT overheat、IGBT over current、Transformer overheat、Input lack voltage、Input over voltage、Output lack voltage、Output over voltage、Lack output phase、Output over load、Output short cirluit、Output over current
Function Display mode 8 inch LCD display, resolution: 800*600;soft-start:0.0~99.9s
Online adjustment function Output voltage and frequency can be adjusted online
memory function/ Shortcut group Power down memory function, memory last output mode and parameters;10 groups
Line voltage crop compensation 0.000~0.500Ω
Communication RS232(standard)、RS485(options)、GPIB(options)、Ethernet(options) 、Analog control port(options)
Environment Temperature/humidity 0~40℃,20~90%RH
Dimension W×H×D(mm) 1000×1990×800 1200×1990×800
Weight (Kg) 330 390 535 660 850

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