AC Constant Current Power Supply AN77 Series

AC Constant Current Power Supply AN77 Series

    AN77 Series constant current ac power supply. Input: 220V/380V; Output: 0~15V, 0~30V, 45~65Hz, 600VA, 750VA, 1.5kVA, 3kVA, 6kVA, 9kVA, 15kVA, etc.

  The AN77 series intelligent variable frequency power supply adopts digital technology and IGBT intelligent output, pure output wave. The power supply can output constant current AC wave, which can be used for short circuit. It outputs constant large current under the condition of small voltage, which can be used for detection of low-voltage power distribution devices such as air circuit breakers, contactors, and transformers, design and production of transformers and inductance devices. It is an ideal tester for device manufacturers, quality inspection institutes, and certification centers for applications with high current test conditions and low energy waste caused by the consumption of the load.


  Low-voltage, high-current AC output to meet the test requirements of relevant regulations;

  Output frequency of 45~65Hz, suitable for the test requirements of different grids and devices;

  Adjust current and frequency in output state;

  Measurement: voltage, current, frequency, active power;

  Power-off memory and shortcut keys;

  Key lock, humanization design to prevent mis-operation;

  Standard RS232 port, optional RS485 port or remote control port.

  Custom of current source of any voltage level and current.


  Replace traditional voltage/current regulation, precise control, convenient operation

  Specifications of AN77 series:

Model AN77020-30(F) AN77050-15(F) AN77100-15(F) AN77200-15(F) AN77400-15(F) AN77600-15(F) AN771000-15(F)
capacity 600VA 750VA 1.5kVA 3kVA 6kVA 9kVA 15kVA
Input Voltage Single-phase 2 wires+PE,Phase voltage: 220V±22V Three-phase 4 wires+PE,Line Voltage:380V±38V
Frequency 50Hz±2.5Hz
AC output Current 20A 50A 100A 200A 400A 600A 1000A
Voltage、Frequency Single-phase 2 wires;20A output: 0~30.0V ,Other output:0~15.0V;Frequency:45.0~65.0Hz
Setting accuracy current Resolution:0.01A/0.1A,Accuracy:0.3%×reading value+0.3%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.1Hz,Accuracy:0.1%
Testing Accuracy current Resolution:0.01A/0.1A,Accuracy:0.3%×reading value+0.3%×full scale value
Frequency Resolution:0.1Hz,Accuracy:0.1%
Voltage Resolution:0.01V,Accuracy:0.3%×reading value +0.3%×full scale value
Power   Resolution:1W,Accuracy:0.45%×reading value +0.45%×full scale value
Frequency stability ≤0.1%
Voltage distortion Linear load:THD<2%
Transient recovery time 20ms
Crest factor 1.41±0.1
Source voltage effect ≤0.5%
Load effect ≤0.5%
Protection  Input  mode Overvoltage protection, overload protection, power device overheating protection
Function Display VFD 
Online adjustment function The output voltage and frequency (45~65Hz)can be adjusted online under status
Memory function Power down memory function, memory last output mode and parameters;
Communication Standard:RS232;Optional:RS485、Analog control port
Environment Temperature and humidity 0~40℃,20~90%RH
Dimension W×H×D(mm) 483×174×452 483×750×400 483×908×570
Weight (Kg) 30 40 54 62 90 130 240

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