Solar cell analog power supply AN510S(F) series

Solar cell analog power supply AN510S(F) series

    AN510S(F) series

  The AN510S(F)series solar cell simulation power supply is an well-designed, compact, high performance, powerful and easy-to-operate DC programmable power supply with I-V simulation curve, which is responsive, controllable, repeatable, stable and accurate, with built-in SAS model for setting of Voc, Isc, Vmp and Imp parameters to generate and output I-V curve. Moreover, solar cell parameters or a series of 1024 points of V&I data can be edited via the PC software and then downloaded to the power supply, high-power, small size, fast transient response, low ripple, high precision, good performance, with standards reaching the international advanced level.


  l Voltage output: 0-300V & 600V & 1000V.

  l 3U15kw high power density, high power parallel operation and up to 1MW.

  l Solar cell I-V curve simulation

  l Simulate a variety of solar cell output characteristics (Fill Factor)

  l I-V curve can be simulated under different temperature and illumination conditions.

  l Test the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) ability and efficiency.

  l Accurate voltage and current measurement.

  l Serial output can be set to test the PV inverter operating voltage range.

  l Standard RS232 port.

  l Standard graphical PC operating software. Single operation available.

  l High-brightness dot matrix VFD display.

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  Allow high-power power custom. Please consult the manufacturer.

  Specifications of AN510s series

Model AN51005-300S(F) AN51010-300S(F) AN51015-300S(F) AN51005-600S(F) AN51010-600S(F) AN51015-600S(F) AN51005-1000S(F) AN51010-1000S(F) AN51015-1000S(F)
Input 3-phase 3-wire,380V±38V,47Hz~63Hz
Output Voltage 0V-300V 0V-600V 0V-1000V
Current 0-16A 0-33A 0-50A 0-8A 0-17A 0-25A 0-5A 0-10A 0-15A
Power 0-5kw 0-10kw 0-15kw 0-5kw 0-10kw 0-15kw 0-5kw 0-10kw 0-15kw
Accuracy Voltage ≤±0.15%F.S,Resolution:0.01V ≤±0.3%F.S,Resolution:0.01V
Current ≤±0.4%F.S,Resolution:0.01A ≤±0.4%F.S, Resolution:0.01A
Ripple and Noise
Vrms 50mV 60mV 1950mV
Vpp 300mV 350mV 2550mV
Source effect Voltage: ± 0.01% F.S   Current: ±0.05% F.S  (380VAC±10% Input,same load)
Load effect Voltage: ± 0.02% F.S  Current: ±0.1% F.S   (380VAC±10% Input,same load)
Protection Input phase loss protection, output overvoltage, overheat, short circuit protection
Transient response time 1ms
Max output voltage drop compensation 5%(40-100V),2%(>100V)
Communication RS232
Memory 10 groups of memory storage, power down memory function
Environment Temperature:0~40℃;Humidity:20~90%RH
Dimension W×H×D(mm) 429×132×610
Weight 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg 27kg 32kg 37kg

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