ANEVT(F)series dual-channel bidirectional DC power supply

ANEVT(F)series dual-channel bidirectional DC power supply


  ANEVT(F) series dual-channel bidirectional DC power supply adopts high-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC conversion, FPGA digital control, seamless switching between forward and reverse, automatic bidirectional operation, energy feedback to the grid at full power; advanced digital control, ultra-high control accuracy, fast response; two channels independently configured and not affect each other, which can be used in parallel to expand the DC output capacity and reduce investment by customer; abundant programming and testing functions, suitable for a variety of applications with different upper computer software.


  Independent channel configuration: each channel is independently programmed, voltage, current and power parameters are set independently, and the operating parameters in programming mode are set independently. The channels are independent of each other and do not affect each other.

  Parallel channels: The two channels do not affect each other, and can be used in parallel.

  Grid feedback: both power supply and load characteristics, achieving the function of load for automatic energy feedback to the grid in addition to high-power DC power supply performance; energy saving, green and environment protection.

  High-precision output: accuracy of output voltage: ±0.05% F.S.

  Fast dynamic response: output voltage response time for 10%-90% sudden applied load and 90%-10% sudden shedding load: ≤5ms; +90%~-90% forward/reverse switching time: ≤10ms.

  Mainstream high-frequency PWM rectification control, power factor ≥0.99, THD and injected harmonic current meet the requirements of GB/T14549-93, high-quality energy feedback to the grid.

  Advanced IGBT parallel technology, efficient and reliable.

  CC, CV, CP modes.

  Multi protection: input over-voltage/under-voltage, lack phase, output over voltage, IGBT overheat, IGBT over current, over temperature protection, short circuit current-limiting protection.

  Built-in EMI filter to filter the interference signal caused by the high-frequency switching process.

  Communication and remote control: standard CAN, RS232/RS485 port and remote control software of the upper computer.

  Programmable slow-rise output.


  1. Testing of electric vehicle motors and controllers

  2. Testing of electric vehicle transmission system and powertrain system

  3. Testing of special electric vehicle motors, controllers, electric vehicle transmission systems, and powertrain systems

  4. Testing of fuel cell

  5. Testing of new energy motor system

  6. Testing of ship electric drive, electric drive system

  7. Testing of charger and charging pile

  8. Testing of battery pack charge/discharge

  9. Testing of capacitor and super capacitor charge/discharge

  10. Testing of energy storage system converter

  11. Testing of UPS and EPS system

  12. Testing of hybrid

  13. Simulated battery to replace real battery-powered test applications

  14. Power supply for high-power DC test

  Model & Spec.:

  Dual channel ANEVT-DA type

Voltage level Product model Rated current per channel
Peak current per channel (A) Rated power per channel (kW) Peak power per channel (kW) Peak time
24-800V ANEVT800-300DA(F) 300 450 90 135 60
ANEVT800-500DA(F) 500 700 160 224 60
ANEVT800-600DA(F) 600 780 200 260 60
ANEVT800-700DA(F) 700 800 250 286 60
ANEVT800-750DA(F) 750 850 300 340 60
ANEVT800-900DA(F) 900 1100 400 489 60
ANEVT800-1000DA(F) 1000 1260 500 630 60
24-1000V ANEVT1000-200DA(F) 200 267 90 120 60
ANEVT1000-250DA(F) 250 375 160 240 60
ANEVT1000-300DA(F) 300 390 200 260 60
ANEVT1000-600DA(F) 600 780 250 325 60
ANEVT1000-650DA(F) 650 850 300 392 60
ANEVT1000-900DA(F) 900 1200 400 533 60
ANEVT1000-1000DA(F) 1000 1260 500 630 60
Description u The power can be distributed freely for both channels within the power range of the whole machine.

  Dual channel ANEVT-DB type

Voltage level Product model Rated current per channel
Peak current per channel
 Rated power of the whole machine (kW) Peak power per channel (kW) Peak time
24-800V ANEVT800-200DB(F) 200 300 90 68 60
ANEVT800-250DB(F) 250 370 160 118 60
ANEVT800-300DB(F) 300 450 200 150 60
ANEVT800-350DB(F) 350 450 250 161 60
ANEVT800-400DB(F) 400 475 300 178 60
ANEVT800-450DB(F) 450 675 400 300 60
ANEVT800-600DB(F) 600 800 500 330 60
24-1000V ANEVT1000-250DB(F) 250 375 250 188 60
ANEVT1000-300DB(F) 300 390 300 195 60
ANEVT1000-600DB(F) 600 800 400 267 60
ANEVT1000-650DB(F) 650 850 500 327 60

General parameters of dual channel ANEVT(F) series
Input parameters Input Power 4-phase 3-wire +PE, line voltage 380V±57V, 50/60Hz±5Hz
Isolation function Built-in isolation transformer
Input power factor 0.99 (rated conditions)
Input current distortion 5% (rated conditions)
Output parameters Voltage accuracy 0.05% F.S, resolution: 0.1V
Current accuracy 0.1% F.S, resolution: 0.1A
Power accuracy 1% F.S, resolution: 10W
Power supply effect Source effect: 0.1% F.S, load effect: 0.1% F.S
Ripple (Vpp) 0.2%F.S
Transient recovery time 5 ms
Current rise time 10ms (10%~90%, resistive load, test condition: power output, load test on)
Protection IGBT overheat, IGBT overcurrent, transformer overheat, input overvoltage, input undervoltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, lack phase protection
Three-phase line voltage 323~437V (allowed grid voltage)
Feedback parameters Frequency 45~65 (allowed grid frequency)
Power factor 0.99 (rated conditions)
Total harmonic content 5% (rated conditions)
Switching time 10ms (forward maximum current to reverse maximum current)
Feedback function Energy feedback at full power
Function Wave editing Control of voltage/current slope, ladder, cycle control, jump control
E-stop E-stop button
Battery simulation With battery simulation function
Soft start Pre-charge
Communication port Standard Can port/RS232 port, optional RS485/LAN.
Output contactor Available and controllable
Discharge protection Discharge Unit  
protection unit
Fan speed control Fan temperature control and speed regulation
Switch input interface 3 channel
Switch output interface One for each channel, indicating alarm status of the channel
Working environment Temp./humidity 0~40℃, 10~90%RH (no condensation)
Altitude ≤2000m

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