ANEVH(F)programmable bidirectional DC power supply

ANEVH(F)programmable bidirectional DC power supply

    ANEVH(F) series is a programmable DC power supply that integrates DC power supply and feedback load, which can be used as a “source” and output power; or used as load to realize sink function, absorbing power and returning to the grid cleanly;

The ANEVH(F) series is a programmable DC power supply that integrates DC power supply and feedback load, which can be used as a “source” and output power; or used as load to realize sink function, absorbing power and returning to the grid cleanly; standard dual-quadrant operation.
The ANEVH(F) series programmable bidirectional DC test power supply covers 8 voltage levels, covering 0V-2250V, supporting multiple parallel machines, and the power can be expanded up to 1MW; bidirectional energy flow, automatic seamless switching, high power density, fast dynamic response, built-in function generator and standard test curve to generate a variety of waves, excellent characteristics and rich test functions, suitable for testing applications in laboratory, automotive electronics, new energy three power, micro-grid, high-power test and other applications.

Integrating source and load functions into one, full series 3U standard chassis.
High-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC technology, completely eliminate the noise of conventional high-power bidirectional power supply, quiet power supply.
Higher power density, compact, high speed.

The maximum current switching time in the positive direction is as low as 1.4ms

Energy flow in both directions, automatically and seamlessly forward/reverse switching.
Feedback efficiency up to 95%, energy saving, environment protection.
Voltage: 8 levels, covering 0-2250V, industrial highest voltage level, unique high-voltage series.
Current: 0-2160A.
Built-in function generator, support arbitrary wave generation.
Built-in voltage curves for DIN40839, ISO-16750-2 and ISO21848 standard automotive grids.
Comprehensive OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP protection.
S terminal compensation

Micro-grid and micro-inverter testing
Automotive motor, controller and power battery testing
Fuel cell test, fuel cell DCDC test
UPS, on-board charger (OBC), charging spot, bidirectional DC-DC test
Industrial testing for electrolysis, electroplating, welding, etc.
Testing of communication power supply, LED product
Testing of automotive electronics, avionics
High power test, DC feedback load demand application

Ordering and function expansion
ANEVH80-240(F): 80V/240A/10kW
ANEVH80-360(F): 80V/360A/15kW
ANEVH200-70(F): 200V/70A/5kW
ANEVH200-140(F): 200V/140A/10kW
ANEVH200-210(F): 200V/210A/15kW
ANEVH360-40(F): 360V/40A/5kW
ANEVH360-80(F): 360V/80A/10kW
ANEVH360-120(F): 360V/120A/15kW
ANEVH500-35(F): 500V/35A/5kW
ANEVH500-70(F): 500V/70A/10kW
ANEVH500-105(F): 500V/105A/15kW
ANEVH750-25(F): 750V/25A/5kW
ANEVH750-50(F): 750V/50A/10kW
ANEVH750-75(F): 750V/75A/15kW
ANEVH1000-40(F): 1000V/40A/10kW
ANEVH1500-35(F): 1500V/35A/15kW
ANEVH2250-25(F): 2250V/25A/15kW

General parameters of ANEVH(F) series
Input Power 3-phase 3-wire +PE, 342V~528VAC, 47-63HZ
Measurement error Voltage ≤0.1% FS, resolution: 0.01V
Current ≤0.2% FS, resolution: 0.01A (>1000A, 0.1A)
Power ≤1% FS, resolution: 0.001kW (>100kW, 0.01kW)
Ripple and noise: 20Hz~20MHz
Vrms ≤200mVrms (750V and below), ≤300mVrms (1000V and below)
Vpp ≤800mVPP (750V and below), ≤1200mVrms (1000V and below)
Power supply effect Voltage Load effect: ≤0.05%Umax, source effect: ≤0.02%Umax
Current Load effect: ≤0.15%Imax, source effect: ≤0.05% Imax
Voltage rise time ≤30ms(10%-90%)
Transient response time ≤1.5ms
Forward/reverse switching speed 2ms(+90%~ -90%)
Lead drop compensation 6.5V
Communication Standard RS-232, optional RS485/CAN/MODBUS/LAN/USB/GPIB
Protection Input undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, output overvoltage, current-limiting protection, internal overheating protection.
Wave editing (sequence) Regular wave editing and integrated test standard, graphical
Analog interface (optional) Start, stop, alarm, 0-5V or 0-10V analog control output
Other external interfaces Standard parallel port
Feedback parameters Frequency 47-63HZ
Power factor ≥0.99 (rated conditions)
Total harmonic content ≤5% (rated conditions, input of grid simulator with distortion within 1.5%)
Switching time ≤2ms
Feedback function Full power feedback
Feedback efficiency 93%
Working environment Temp./humidity 0~40℃, 10~90%RH (no condensation)
Altitude ≤2000m
Dimension (W×H×D) Dimension: 444×133×670mm (case); 482×133×750mm (whole machine)
Weight 5 kW:≤18kg   10 kW:≤25kg     15 kW≤32kg

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