AN8317S(F) Comprehensive Stator Vacuum Test Scheme

AN8317S(F) Comprehensive Stator Vacuum Test Scheme


  AN8317S(F) series comprehensive stator vacuum test scheme

  Air conditioner compressor stator vacuum test system

  Refrigerator compressor stator vacuum test system

  Automobile stator vacuum test system

  Brushless motor stator vacuum test system

  Description of product

  This product is suitable for the inter-turn isoelectric performance test of various types of motor stators under vacuum negative voltage up to -99kPa, widely used in air conditioners, refrigerator compressor stators, automobile motor stators, brushless stators and other industries.


  1.Vacuum: free setting of vacuum between 0~-99kPa (0~-742.5Torr).

  2. High efficiency: Custom double-station serial/parallel test system. The four tests of turn-to-turn and withstand voltage can be completed within 5.9 seconds, up to 10,000 pieces/day.

  3. High performance: voltage regulation, insulation, turn-to-turn and other voltage adjustments using closed-loop voltage feedback adjustment system to accurately control the voltage regulation and rising process, stable voltage output.

  4. Intelligent: intelligent self-check, remote diagnosis and online upgrade, quick location of problems and eliminating.

  5. Multi ports: USB, RS232, LAN and other ports, PLC simulation, TCP/IP network protocol, etc., to facilitate data interaction and instrument control.

  Tested items

  Stator: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, interturn, inductance, rotation

  Test cases


Application industries Air conditioner compressor stator, refrigerator compressor stator, automotive electronic stator, brushless motor stator, etc.
Model of product AN8317S(F) Custom parameters
Withstand voltage test Output voltage Range: 300 ~ 3000 VAC, step: 10V 5000 VAC
Allowable error: ± (2.5% x setting +10V)  
Break down current Range: 0.10~20.00 mA 100 mA
Allowable error: ± (2.5% x reading +5 words)  
Duration Range: 1.0~99.9s, allowable error: ± (1% x setting +0.1s)  
Insulation test Output voltage Range: 200 ~ 1000 VDC, step: 5V  
Allowable error: ±(3% x setting +5V)  
Ripple coefficient <5%  
Resistance measurement Range: 1.0~500MΩ  
Allowable error: ≤200MΩ, ±(3% x reading +5 words)  
>200MΩ, ±(5% x reading +8 words)  
Duration Range: 1.0~99.9s, allowable error: ± (1% x setting +0.1s)  
Resistance test Test and measurement Range: 0.1~20k Ω, unit: Ω 1mΩ~400KΩ 1m~400KΩ
Allowable error: ±(0.3% x reading +3 words)  
Temperature measurement (0.0~60.0)℃, allowable error: ±0.5℃  
Interturn test Pulse voltage Range: 300~3000 V, step: 100V 5000 V
Allowable error: ±(3% x setting +10V)  
Wavefront time ≤0.5µs  
Acquisition frequency 5kHz~40MHz  
Wave parameters Area, difference area, (1~10) consecutive impacts; range: 0~99%  
Inductance test Test range 0.0001μH-99.99kH  
Allowable error 0.5%  
Test frequency 100Hz,120Hz,1kHz,10kHz  
Test level 0.1,0.3,1.0(V)  
Rotation test Decision parameter Forward rotation, reverse rotation, no rotation  

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