Multiple Channel Power analyzer AN87500(F)

Multiple Channel Power analyzer AN87500(F)



  AN87500(F) multi-channel power analyzer is specially designed for multi-channel AC/DC power measurement, suitable for power measurement of most electrical appliances, power supplies, motors, inverters and other products. The product takes the high-speed DSP processor as the core, adopts 16-bit high-speed high-performance AD ​​direct sampling method for data acquisition, and can realize multi-channel simultaneous measurement, covering: voltage, current, power, peak voltage, peak current, power factor, crest factor, frequency, electric energy, current integral, efficiency, harmonic content and 3-phase electrical parameters, with serial communication (RS232/RS485, GPIB), remote control, alarm parameter preset and so on, supporting 1P2W/1P3W/3P3W/3V3A/3P4W and other wiring methods, meeting testing requirements of various power supply.


  Multi-channel: 1~6 channels, flexible configuration of 1~6 single-phase, three-phase three-wire × 2, three-phase four-wire × 2, four-phase (DC+ three-phase three-wire) and other modes, satisfy test requirements of varies load (air conditioner, converter, inverter, motor);

  High accuracy: high-speed DSP processor, 16-bit high-speed high-accuracy AD converter, accuracy up to 0.1%, 100ms display cycle;

  Wide power range: current up to 50A for a single channel (optional 20A, 10A, 5A, 2A, 1A etc. or combination), minimum 0.lmW power resolution, satisfy test requirements of standby power consumption and rated power;

  Broadband: AC/DC signals, power measurement bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz, satisfy power test requirements of varies standard and non-standard sine wave load;

  Multi harmonic analysis: simultaneous 6-channel harmonic analysis, maximum 50th harmonic measurement, distortion analysis, visual display of total harmonic contents and total contents;

  Multi frequency measurement: simultaneous 6-channel frequency measurement;

  Line filtering: 500Hz/5.5kHz low-pass filter to measure the fundamental PWM waveform, filter out the high-frequency interference of the switching power supply current;

  Sensor: variable ratio, common I-I/V-V voltage/current transformers; I-V type current sensor with BNC interface, maximum input voltage 10V, optional high current sensor;

  Efficiency calculation: measure the input/output energy consumption of the equipment at the same time, and calculate its efficiency;

  Accumulation of electric energy: positive electric energy, reverse electric energy and integrated electric energy can be separately accumulated to measure the trading electric energy;

  Threshold alarm: independent 10 groups of voltage, current, power, power factor and other thresholds and measurement threshold for each channel, automatic upper/lower limit judgment and alarm;

  Chinese/English interface: Chinese or English operation and time/date display.


  1)PV inverter power measurement

  Voltage: 0~1000V;

  Current: 0~50A/current sensor;

  Simultaneous measuring input/output (single-phase/three-phase) power and power factor;

  Automatic calculation of efficiency;

  50th harmonic/distortion analysis;

  Electricity purchase/selling power measurement.


  2)Electric vehicle electrical performance test

  Multi-channel, simultaneous testing of multiple parameters: charging station performance, battery charge/discharge performance, power conversion performance, motor performance, etc.;

  AC/DC, maximum current of 50A, extended to larger current sensors;

  High accuracy, accuracy of 0.1%, minimum power resolution: of 0.1mW;

  Measure AC/DC signal instantaneous RMS, average, peak, electric energy and so on.


  3)Inverter motor/inverter power measurement

  Power bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz;

  Current: 0~50A/current sensor;

  Simultaneous measuring input/output power;

  50th harmonic/distortion analysis.


  4)Power supply/UPS power measurement

  Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A/20A/50A;

  Power bandwidth DC,0.5Hz~100kHz;

  Simultaneous measuring input/output (single-phase, three-phase) power, monitoring battery charge/discharge.

  Automatic efficiency calculation

  5)Appliance performance evaluation, standby power consumption measurement (power supply, drive power)

  Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A/20A/50A, measuring rated power and standby power;

  Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW;

  Automatic identification of electrical Running/Stop/Standby status, and selectively accumulate electrical energy;

  50th harmonic/distortion analysis.

  6)Lighting/LED power measurement

  Current: 0~1A/2A/5A/10A;

  Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW;

  Measure drive power input/output power, power factor, efficiency;

  50th harmonic/distortion analysis.


  Specifications of AN87500(F)


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