High-accuracy Three-phase Power Meter

High-accuracy Three-phase Power Meter



  The AN87330(F) series high-accuracy power analyzer adopts the latest FPGA+ARM digital processing system to achieve synchronous sampling, which fully meets the testing needs of three-phase equipment in the fields of motors, home appliances, new energy etc. on the market. It is specially designed for production links such as automated line and integrated system etc.


  High performance, wide frequency band: accuracy up to 0.1%, the bandwidth is DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz, suitable for testing of non-sinusoidal wave load.

  True differential synchronous conditioning sampling, guaranteeing super large direct test capability, voltage: 0.15~1000V, current: 5mA~50A/1mA~20A.

  Optional motor torque and speed interface, suitable for testing of three-phase motor mechanical power and energy consumption.

  Standard RS232, LAN port, standard MODBUS protocol, to meet the customization needs of multiple protocols, optional RS485, GPIB module.

  Support three-phase interphase angle test.


  1) Dynamic test of brushless DC motor

  FG signal RMS, peak-peak measurement, duty cycle calculation, wave data analysis.

  Measurement of RMS and frequency of 3-phase back electromotive force.

  Phase angle test

  2) Power measurement of inverter motor and inverter

  Power bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz

  Current: 0~20A/current sensor

  Simultaneously measure input and output power

  50th harmonic and distortion analysis

  3) Testing of torque/speed of 3-phase motor

  Support the latest type of motor test module, reserved motor sensor test interface, suitable for signal test of most motor sensor on the market, 3-phase motor efficiency test by single machine, synchronized signal, improved test accuracy.

  Specifications of AN87330(F)

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