Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester AN9651F(F)/AN9651B(F)

Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester AN9651F(F)/AN9651B(F)


  From medical devices to appliances, AINUO AN Series all-in-one design includes the test functionality you need to ensure your product is compliant with the most rigorous international electrical safety test standards.

  The AC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation with high voltage to ensure it will limit current flow should a fault occur.

  Output 100 mA of AC Hipot/Dielectric Withstand test current. Ainuo AN Series meets the 200 mA short circuit requirement for 500 VA Hipot Testers.

  The DC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation and limit leakage current output by running a DC dielectric withstand test.

  The Ground Bond,Verify the integrity of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.

  The The Ground Continuity,Verify the presence of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.

  The Insulation Resistance,Determine the total resistance of your product’s insulation.

  The Leakage Current,Ensure your product’s leakage current remains at acceptable levels during 8 different fault conditions.

  The Functional Run,Verify that your product is working properly before shipment.

  Regulations: Meet the requirements of the latest international standards

  ★ Reduction: Integrated with multiple safety tests

  ★ Addition: Applicable for highly efficient mixing production line

  ★ Quality: Data storage retroaction and analysis


  According to the requirements of new standards timely, meet the various industry standards: the test equipment satisfies the test demands of new standards timely according to safety requirements of all industry standards. AC withstand voltage 500VA capacity (AC 5kV/100mA), short-circuit current more than 200mA. Maximum test current of grounding resistance 32A, open circuit voltage less than 12V. Provide leakage current test modes at the operating temperature and at the non-operating temperature, standard GB/T12113 figure 4 human analog network (MD card), can change MD card according to the industry standards.

  Integrated with multiple test functions to reduce the production line operators: the test system integrates the AC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, grounding bond resistance, leakage current, power parameters, start-up performance and other safety performance and electrical performance of a comprehensive test, one station, one-key start-up to quickly complete the tests of all functions.

  Specification of AN9651F(F)/AN9651B(F)/AN9640B(F)

Function Specification
AC voltage withstand test
Rated capacity 500VA(5000V/100mA),maximum short-circuit current >200mA
Output voltage waveform, distortion, adjustment rate Sine wave,<3%(pure resistance,5000V/1mA),<3%
Output voltage Range 500~5000V(automatic testing is optional)
Resolution/ Accuracy 5V,±(1.5%×setting+2V)
Voltage frequency Range/Accuracy 50Hz or 60Hz,±0.1%×setting
Alarming limits Current upper-limit range 0.10~99.99mA
Current lower-limit range 0.00~10.00mA
Compensation current setting Range 0.00~10.00mA,automatic testing,compensation can be set to ON/OFF
Time setting Range 1~999s
Ramp up time range 1~100s
Accuracy ±(0.1%×setting+1count)
Breakdown current measurement Range/Accuracy 0.10~99.99mA,±(1.5%×reading+3counts)
Insulation Resistance test
Rated capacity 2VA(1000V/2mA)
Output voltage adjustment rate, voltage ripple <3%(From no load to full load),<1%
Output voltage setting Range/Accuracy DC 500V or 1000V,±(1.5%×setting+3counts)
Alarming limits Resistance upper-limit range 0.0~99.9 MΩ,100~2000MΩ(Upper-limit is set to 0,it will not make adjudgment for upper limit)
Resistance lower-limit range 0.3~99.9 MΩ,100~2000MΩ
Time setting Range/Accuracy 1~999s,±(0.1%×setting+1count)
Insulation resistance measurement Range 0.0~99.9 MΩ,100~2000 MΩ
Accuracy ≤200MΩ:±(2%×reading+2counts)
Ground Bond Resistance test
No load output voltage <12V
Output current setting Range/Accuracy 3~32A,±(1.5%×setting+0.2A)
Current frequency setting Range/Accuracy Sine wave 50Hz or 60Hz,±0.1%×setting
Test time setting Range 1~999s
Accuracy ±(0.1%×setting+1count)
Result display mode Ground resistance or voltage
Ground resistance display mode:
Alarming limits setting Resistance upper-limit range 3A≤output current≤10A:10~600 mΩ
11A≤output current≤25A:10~300 mΩ
26A≤output current≤30A:10~200 mΩ
Resistance lower-limit range 0~100 mΩ
Compensation resistance setting Range 0~200 mΩ,automatic testing, compensation can be set to ON/OFF
Ground bond resistance measurement Range/Accuracy 10~600 mΩ,±(1.5%×reading+ 2 mΩ)
Ground voltage display mode:
Alarming limits setting Voltage upper-limit range 30~7500 mV
Voltage lower-limit range  0~3000 mV
Compensation voltage setting Range 0~1000 mV,automatic testing, compensation can be set to ON/OFF
Ground bond resistance measurement Range/Accuracy 10~7500 mV,±(1.5%×reading+ 20mV)
Leakage Current test
Leakage current test type setting Single phase load, static/dynamic leakage current
MD network selection Standard IEC 60335-1 figure 4 network; other test network optional
Alarming limits setting Current upper-limit range 0.050~9.999mA(Optional 20mA)
Current lower-limit range 0.000~5.000mA
Leakage current compensation setting Range 0.000~1.000mA,automatic testing, compensation can be set to ON/OFF
Test time setting Range/Accuracy 1~999s,±(0.1%×setting+1count)
Leakage current measurement Range 0.050~9.999mA
Accuracy DC~10kHz:±(1.5%×reading+0.010mA)
Output voltage measurement Range/Accuracy 60~280V(Phase voltage),±(0.5%×reading+2count)
Power test
Alarming limits setting Power upper-limit range 6~6000W
Power lower-limit range 0~6000W
Test time setting Range/Accuracy 1~999s,±(0.1%×setting+1 count)
Voltage test Range/Accuracy 60~280V(phase voltage),±(0.5%×reading+2 counts)
Current test Range/Accuracy 0.030~3.999A,4.00~25.00A,±(0.5%×reading+2 counts)
Active power measurement Range/Accuracy 30.0~199.9W,±(0.5%×reading+5W)
Power-factor measurement Range/Accuracy 0.10~1.00,±(2%×reading+2counts)
Start test
Alarming limits setting Current upper-limit range 0.30~25.00A
Current lower-limit range 0.00~25.00A
Test time setting Range/Accuracy 1~999s,±(0.1%×setting+1 count)
Voltage measurement Range/Accuracy 60~280V(phase Voltage),±(0.5%×setting+2 counts)
Current measurement Range/Accuracy 0.030~3.99A,4.00~25.00A,±(0.5%×reading+2 counts)
DUT power control
AN9651B(F) Built-in isolation transformer
Isolation transformer input voltage, frequency According input voltage and frequency
Isolation transformer output voltage ratio Leakage current test 1.06 times rated voltage
Running power test 1.00 times rated voltage
Low voltage start 0.85 times rated voltage
Isolation Transformer Capacity Single phase rated capacity is 6000VA
Isolation transformer voltage regulation 3%(from no to full load)
Over current protection Max current 30A、after the over current 5s,automatically cut off the isolation transform
AN9651F(F) Built-in frequency conversion power supply
Max output  capacity 6000VA
Output voltage distortion 1%@ 47-63Hz
Output voltage stability 1%
Programmable  output voltage Range 0-300V
Accuracy 0.5%RD+0.5%F.S.
Programmable output frequency Range 47-63Hz
Stability 0.1%
Max output current 0-300V  220Vand below, max 27A,over 220V, is calculated according to the power of 6000W
Remote interface Standard,foot pedal (start)
Alarming lamp interface Standard,3 colors light(test/pass/fail)
Communication interface Standard RS232 ,optional internet ,RS485, GPIB…
Power supply control interface Optional,combine with AN97 series frequency conversion power
PLC interface Optional,start/stop/test/pass/fail output
Printer interface Optional, support dot matrix printer and micro printer.
General specification
Verification and calibration environment 23℃±5℃,(45~75)%RH,little dust
Operating environment 0 ºC ~40ºC,,(5~90)%RH,little dust
Storage environment -10℃~55℃,(5~95)%RH,little dust
System power 220V±10%,50Hz±5%,10A
System power consumption Max 1000VA(Does not include the operating power consumption of the product under test)
Weight(Without packaging) About 80kg
Dimension(mm,Without packaging) AN9651F(F) 483(W)x 600(D)x 1355(H)
AN9651B(F) 530(W)x 460(D)x 1105(H)
AN9640B(F) 426(W)x 600(D)x 178(H)
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