Leakage Current testerAN9620TX(F)/AN9620X(F)

Leakage Current testerAN9620TX(F)/AN9620X(F)



  Latest international standard: Comply with CCC, IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS standard requirements;

  Standard A MD card;

  Measurement bandwidth DC-1MHz;

  Leakage current upper/lower limit setting, intelligent judgment, sound and light alarm;

  VFD display, simple operation;

  Remote, RS232/485 interface.

  Specification of AN9620TX(F)/AN9620X(F)

Model AN9620X(F)(single phase)/AN9620TX(F)(three phase)
Input voltage range /Accuracy  80~300V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, ± (2% × reading + 0.5V)
Test input current 12A AC MAX
Test method Dynamic, static
Over-current protection Sound and light alarming, cut off load output
Built-in human network Standard GBT12113 figure 4, other standard network card is optional
Leakage current measurement range and accuracy 0.010~0.050mA
DC~1MHz, ±(5% × reading + 5μA)
DC~10kHz, ±(3% × reading + 2μA)
10k~1MHz, ±(5% × reading + 5μA)
Leakage current upper/lower limit setting range 0.050~10.00mA, 0.01/0.1mA/step
Test time setting Single timing test: 1~999s (LLL = continuous test); ±1% (set to 1s, only measure N line with no L convertion)
Interface RS232 (RS485 optional), remote control
Dimension W×H×D(mm) 320×110×400

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