Intelligent Leakage Current/Contact Current AnalyzerAN1620H(

Intelligent Leakage Current/Contact Current AnalyzerAN1620H(


  Product features

  Multiple networks: AN16 series leakage current/contact current analyzer, built-in 8 kinds of human body simulation networks, covering safety performance standards of major electrical equipment.

  Multiple parameters: Peak current, RMS, AC/DC measurement, meeting the strict testing requirements for contact current in various industries such as medical devices.

  Multiple functions: Leakage/contact current testing, as well as power parameter measurement of the tested product, including single-phase load and three-phase load.

  Accurate: accuracy of leakage contact current: 1%; accuracy of power parameter: 0.2%

  Information: built-in Android platform, data storage, report generation, WIFI/LAN network, MES access.

  Intelligent: 10” full-color touch Android platform, easy to learn and use.

  Applications/Specification (Version: V3.00.00)

  Specification (Version: V3.00.00)

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