Safety Comprehensive AnalyzerAN1640B(F)

Safety Comprehensive AnalyzerAN1640B(F)


  Description of product

  The new Ainuo AN16 series safety analyzer has integrated seven functions (seven-in-one: AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, ground bond resistance, leakage/contact current, operating power, low voltage start-up, and loop detection (optional) , providing safety test solutions for household appliances, energy-saving lamps, medical devices, information equipment, electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy, power electronics and other industries, and innovative solutions for various intelligent automated tests.

  Product features

  Precise: basic Accuracy: 1%; Accuracy of electrical parameters: 0.2%;

  Fast: Accurate testing within 0.5s, 0.1s fast switching, (Optional GB and withstand voltage parallel test, LC and power parallel test) high efficiency.

  Integration: integrate safety performance and electrical performance seven functions in one, one-key start for a station;

  Intelligent: Built-in 100 groups of test conditions, barcode recognition, automatic matching of test program.

  Automation: RS232(standard)/RS485/GPIB/LAN ports, barcode scanning interface, frequency conversion power control interface, easy to form an automated test system.

  Applications/Specification of AN1640B(F)/AN1651B(F)

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