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Ainuo AN531500s High Performance Photovoltaic Simulator

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An531500s series high performance photovoltaic simulator adopts active power factor correction technology and high frequency LLC multi resonant soft switching inverter technology, which has the characteristics of wide range output, high power factor, fast transient response and high power density.
Built in various photovoltaic curve models, in line with the requirements of en50530, Sandia lab, CGC / gf004, CGC / gf035, Nb / t32004 regulations, accurately simulate I-V curve characteristics under different environmental conditions (temperature, irradiance, life, battery technology, etc.), quickly and comprehensively test the performance of solar energy inverter.
Product features:
1. 3U standard chassis 15kw, single maximum current 40A, parallel to 1MW.
2. Photovoltaic curve simulation function, built in a variety of photovoltaic curve standards, can be used alone, or with graphical PC software, can real-time display photovoltaic inverter maximum power point tracking status, MPPT efficiency test, dynamic MPPT test, and convenient access to data. It can simulate the output characteristics (fill factor) of a variety of solar cells and the I-V curve under different temperature and illumination conditions.
3. The upper computer software can support multiple machines to control at the same time and monitor the maximum power point tracking state at the same time.
4. Using active power factor correction and LLC multi resonant power conversion technology, the full load power factor is more than 0.99, the harmonic content of input current is less than 3%, the interference to the power grid is minimized, and the overall efficiency is as high as 0.93.
5. The optimal transient response speed, transient recovery time less than 2 ms, overshoot less than 1%;
6. Using multi-stage filter and harmonic soft switching technology, the EMC performance meets the iec61000-6-4 standard, the electromagnetic conduction and emission level is reduced to the minimum, and it has good electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, which is more conducive to the test of photovoltaic inverter.

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