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Ainuo Instrument Promotes the Development of PV Industry

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Broad Prospects for PV Inverters

PV inverter is the main intelligent equipment in the photovoltaic system. With the functions of maximum power point tracking (MPPT), islanding effect protection, etc., PV inverter directly affects the power generation efficiency, operation stability and service life of PV system. As an indispensable key component in the overall system, PV inverter is inseparable from the overall development of the photovoltaic industry. As we can see from the below chart, the future development space of photovoltaic inverters is broad, and the market capacity will continue to grow. 

Global PV inverter market overall scale forecast


Ainuo Power Analyzer Supports Photovoltaic Industry

With the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, many countries have put forward more comprehensive and strict requirements for the product quality and testing standards of PV inverters. In China, PV inverters must meet the technical indicators of “GB/T 37409-2019 Testing specification for photovoltaic grid-connected inverter”.
Ainuo AN87600(F) series power analyzer is specially designed for photovoltaics, home appliances, motors and other fields. It is perfectly suitable for the performance testing needs of various photovoltaic inverters in the market.

Product Features:
☆Basic accuracy: ±0.1%;
☆Measurement bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz;
☆Sampling rate: 200kSps;
☆Maximum voltage: Standard 1000V, optional 1500V;
☆Maximum current: 50A/20A(standard)/10A/5A/2A/1A, support combination, optional sensor;
☆LCD display: full touch screen, custom display items, wave display;
☆Data storage: Custom storage items, export in CSV format;
☆Perfect size: Standard 3U height, suitable for integration.
☆PV inverter power management;

☆Electric vehicle electrical performance measurement;

☆Inverter motor, frequency converter power measurement;

☆Power supply, UPS power measurement;

☆Home appliance performance evaluation, standby power consumption measurement;

☆Lighting, led power measurement.