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Ainuo PV Inverter Test Solutions

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PV Inverter Test – A PV inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and is also a key component in PV systems. There are two main types of PV systems, Grid Connected and Off Grid. Grid connected systems are usually installed on a building and provide electricity directly to the mains supply. Off grid systems are usually used where power is required but access to a mains supply is unavailable.

  Grid Connected PV Inverter Test Block Diagram

Off Grid PV Inverter Test Block Diagram

Ainuo Systems Solutions provides PV inverter test solutions based on thirty years of experience in power electronics testing. These solutions include:

Solar Array Simulator: DC Power Supply with SAS used to simulate the output characteristics of a solar array. This function is needed for MPPT performance evaluation of PV inverter devices.

Digital Power Meter: Used to measure PV inverter output parameters, such as V, I, P, PF, current harmonics & THD.

AC Power Source: Used to simulate mains power for various scenarios.

AC Load: Used to sink current directly for testing off grid type PV inverters. Ainuo’s AC Source provides a voltage level as the reference for the PV inverter output, but the AC source can not sink current (energy); therefore, an external resistor is necessary for load simulation.