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Application of ANF Series in EV Charger

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The EV Charger in ZheJiang XX Company will be delivered (The left is DC charger, The right is AC charger)

ANFP015A in test center of Zhejiang XX company

Different voltage segments are needed during testing, ANFP series programmable power supply can set the segment length directly, when the time is up, it will switch other voltage automatically. It is easy and convenient.

XX charging station exhibition area

XX company chose ANFP015A mainly focus on Performance: the power supply with programmable function, and it is convenient to set.

ANFC/ANFS series power with PC software, the system is equipped with a computer. You can use the PC software to control the voltage output. Generally the customers use ANFP and ANFC or ANFS together, Not only the requirements can be realized, but also the expenses can be saved.